Saturday, 4 January 2014

Critical Rockets War for Cybertron (Ongoing post, updates to this will be regular)

As you may know I am a major Generation 1 Transformers fan.  Those original cartoons are terrible by today's standards but they do have a raft of awesome characters and more importantly a very interesting backstory.

Before the Cybertronian war ever arrived on Earth the robotic race was fighting a brutal civil war that as the show mentions has raged for millions of years.  I really love the fighting on the planet of Cybertron more than the kid friendly antics of Earth any day.  I have often thought about the origins of these characters as they went from lowly citizen, soldier or slave to prominent fighters in a war that levelled a once powerful civilisation.  The two games from High Moon studio have given us some amazing insight into the war and what Cybertron looked like during the conflict.  It's probably the best representation of the conflict yet.

So I thought I jot down these thoughts of mine.  This is just how I imagine the war between Decepticon and Autobot came about and what motivated the individuals to join either side or even switch sides as the conflict wore on.


Leaving individuals aside for the moment I imagine the name Decepticon was something created as a propaganda name for the rebels.  I call them rebels because I see the movement starting out as a genuine freedom fighting force, led by the charismatic and skilled Megatron prior to his fall.  Maybe they went by a more patriotic or heroic sounding name originally but it has since been lost as the war has raged and now the name Decepticon more aptly suits them due to their later actions during the war.

I also see the original Decepticons being made up of the downtrodden citizenry of the city of Kaon.  Kaon is often shown to be a kind of lowlife city, filled with corrupt officials, crime, political corruption and death sports.  This city was probably once a great construction like that of Iacon but over centuries of neglect by Iacon and council it has become a haven for illicit activities.  Gladiatorial sports is a major draw for those who live outside of the city and was a major attraction. 

The citizens of Kaon though live miserable lives, working for little pay, little energon and having no chance of escape outside of becoming a hero of the arena.  This is where I see the likes of Megatron, Grimlock, Orion Pax and Prowl coming from.  This early force of fighters would have fought to free themselves of this repression and try to change things for the betterment of everyone on the planet. 

Violence wouldn't have been the first action of the Decepticons either as I imagine Orion Pax and Megatron would have tried a more diplomatic approach originally but after numerous failed attempts the steadily growing numbers of supporters would push for action over words.  Iacon may have even tried to engineer an assassination attempt that would fail.  This attempt I like to think is the reason Megatron would have the more raspy sounding voice, where originally he would have sounded more like Optimus with a commanding tone. Iacon would spin the failure into an attack on a prominent council member, probably killing said councillor thus creating a story about the peaceful Megatron resorting to assassination, with the name Decepticon becoming the norm for the group afterwards.

As the war took a more darker turn Megatron would embrace this name and take it as his committing acts of brutality on the battlefield to instill fear into his enemies.  The original symbol of the group may well have been something very similar to the classic Decepticon one, but a little less "bad guy" looking.  Maybe the colour was blue or something else more friendly looking.

A key event would eventually see the Decepticons gaining the support of some of Iacons military in the form of Starscreams air wing and Onslaughts combatibot forces who would rename themselves the combaticons.  These new experience military forces would greatly bolster Megatrons capabilities and leave the once mighty Iacon on the back foot.


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