Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Candy Crush developer King are royal assholes

So if you haven't been reading gaming websites recently you may have missed the current story going on involving developer King who make the hugely popular casual game 'Candy Crush'.  Yeah that crap, anyway King have recently obtained a trademark on the word Candy, yes the other term used for sweets.  How they were awarded this is a mystery it's like someone obtaining the rights to the word war and telling the History channel to pay up for every single war documentary ever produced.
How would you confuse this....
Now yes there are examples of other companies using common words as trademarks like Apple for instance but Apple have never attempted to attack Del Monte for producing Apple juice for instance, nor do they serve legal notices to such companies demanding they change the name of the ancient fruit in case customers become confused between electronics and a round fruit.

King have proclaimed that their newly acquired bullshit will be used for good and not to harass other companies but not long after this proclamation of heroic justice they serve Stoic games a notice regarding the word Saga.  Yeah King are also trying to trademark the word Saga also to complete the circle of douche which they are attempting to complete.  Apparently they think consumers will confuse the Banner Saga a awesome looking episodic turn based fantasy game with their casual match three game.  Shit if customers are that dumb apparently they don't deserve to be gamers in the first place.

This stinks of the same crap Bethesda attempted when they attacked Markus persson for creating a game called 'scrolls' in case users confuse that game with the MASSIVELY POPULAR ELDER SCROLLS SERIES.  Of course gamers aren't so dumb as to confuse one game with another unless developers specifically attempt to deceive them a la the War Z and their flagrant attempt to piggyback the popularity of DayZ.  We all know how the Scrolls situation ended and I hope this turns out the same way for Stoic.
....With this?  Fuck you King!
This bullshit about trademarking words simply because you have a successful title is ridiculous, I know King have many copycats creating similar games but their idea isn't original either since Candy Crush is a copy of a Popcap game.  Honestly I hope these guys try to sue one of the big boys and get soundly crushed in the process.  This is the kind of target that hacker groups need to be hitting regularly to let these assholes know that trademarking common terms isn't good business practice and attacking other developers for using such words when said product has nothing to do with their product is fucking retarded.

The best thing you can do is buy the Banner Saga, support Stoic and help them grow and finish the this awesome looking game series.  Popular support from the community can be immensely beneficial to a small developer and let's dickhead companies like King know that consumers are far from confused.


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