Sunday, 29 December 2013

Wrestlings biggest problem

During this December I have been watching some pretty interesting and entertaining videos on youtube by the OSW review guys.  They critique the Hogan era of WWF pay per view by pay per view and outside of the entertainment value of the show, they highlight just how much of a colossal cunt Hulk Hogan or Terry Bollea really was.

Here is a guy who if he had his way would pretty much have you believe that he is the reason wrestling is what it is today.  Sure he was popular in his day but he didn't make professional wrestling popular in North America.  That honour goes to a large number of wrestlers who came before him such as Bruno Sammartino, Nature boy Buddy Rogers, Lou Thesz, Bob Backlund, Harley Race and many more.  Terry was fortunate to begin his rise during the coincidental rise of the television network era of America as the territories began to fall apart and the more dominant wrestling brands began to gobble up the smaller ones.

Terry wasn't all that bad in his early years much like John Cena in fact they were like any other wrestler when they started out in the spotlight.  But as Terry began to get more influence and star power within WWF his ego started to get in the way of the business and Vince McMahon junior was more than happy to go along with it.  This is probably Terry's talent in the wrestling industry, not his in ring ability but his ability to buddy up to the boss.  This was evident in his run in WCW and more recently TNA.  He has the ability to make himself seem more important than he actually is.

The number of better, younger wrestlers Terry stepped over to maintain his position as the top dog in the company is staggering.  Not only that but the number of wrestlers he buried ruined perfectly good storylines and what ifs that never came to be.  He screwed over Mr.perfect to get a royal rumble win in a time when winning the rumble meant nothing, purely so he could maintain his top spot on a pay per view.  He buried Earthquake even though he could have had an amazing feud that put over both men for the benefit of the company.  He robbed Ultimate Warrior of any heat after losing his belt by making himself the main event despite not having a title at the time and as a final example he got a bullshit heel finish on the Undertaker to win back a belt he lost ten days prior.

It's interesting to note that during his run in the early nineties he was being boo'd regularly much like John Cena is today but WWE has edited the recordings to only have cheers.  This shows that wrestling fans have always had their own opinion and not just accepted what Vince shoves down our throats.  Despite this though Hogan is still held in high regard but why?

He wasn't that great a wrestler really, sure he looked big and impressive when he was pumping himself with steroids but who wouldn't under those circumstances?  His moveset was bland and when faced with tough opposition like the Undertaker he would turn to using heel tactics to win like throwing dust in the eyes, using chairs or other foreign objects.  Kids loved him but then kids always love a good guy who wins every single time, and I guess it's that generation who keep Hogan on such a high pedestal.  I watched Hogan growing up and yeah he seemed awesome but he was never my favourite, I just liked the good guys really.  Now that I am older I can see just how bad Hogan was for business.  He just ruined perfectly good feuds to make himself look good and burying other talent, much like Cena today who is virtually a carbon copy of the guy.

In a couple of decades when these Cena marks grow up a majority of them will realise just how awful his gimmick was and how much he ruined the show.  All those potential feuds, title runs and matches never got to happen because Cena had to be the winner every single time.  It hurts the business and many wrestling fans tune in to see the wrestlers they like and not Cena at all.  Again this is just Vinny being safe with his company and not wanting to experiment with his roster, preferring to create another Hogan rather than create another Austin or Rock.  This cycle will likely continue even when McMahon leaves since Steph and Paul both follow his philosophy.  When Cena leaves he will be replaced with another carbon copy of the Terry Bollea who fans will like at first and then despise as he continually wins match after match until all interest in him fades.

It's funny to see terry continue his tactics of putting himself over even when he wasn't wrestling.  His burying of talent such as Matt Morgan in a plot that literally went nowhere and his recent departure from TNA had him leave strong.  He refused to put over anyone basically and that was his way of doing business.  If you don't believe me then check out the OSW Review on youtube and watch their shows and see just how much of a twat he was from start to finish in the WWF.  He wasn't a blessing to professional wrestling, he was just a cancer.


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