Saturday, 14 December 2013

PGI finally brings the clans to June 2014 anyway

Yes the clans have finally sort of arrived after quite the delay on PGI's part.  Roughly six months from now eight new Clan battlemechs will grace the battlefields of MWO.  Now how these mechs will work alongside the current inner sphere lineup is yet to be answered.  It's probably safe to assume that Clan and Inner Sphere 'mechs won't be running together in mixed groups so we can expect some kind of confrontation between players of both factions.  Alternatively we could also expect to see a clan VS clan mode also to keep the balance right.

Either way there is a lot of information still to be explained here such as items like the "warhorns" "signed digital concept art" and the price.  Yes the top package of this offer will set you back $240 or £147.  Quite the hike but it works out at around $30 per pack or £18 if you wanted to upgrade each tier as and when you have the funds available.  The list of mechs is impressive and the artwork is sweet.

Personally I am one of those Inner Sphere players who will always side with the Successor states over Kerensky's descendants, but I want to support PGI so I can continue stomping around blasting mechs (and being blasted).  The price is high but you don't have to drop the full amount straight off nor are you being forced to pay anything.  The clan mechs will be free eventually, this is just a way to show your support.

So here are each pack and what they offer.  Remember the Masakari is the most expensive at $240 with the Uller being the cheapest at $30.  The packs will be added to accounts on the 17th of June so there is plenty of time to save and sadly wait :)


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