Friday, 22 November 2013

TNA Analysed 29 - Dixie talks more crap

Yeah so with the whole Dixie turning heel story and AJ Styles doing his "I ain't copying CM Punk at all" gimmick, TNA continues to roll on further into oblivion.  They have done one smart thing and that is to admit defeat with the road tapings and return to the Impact zone for future shows.  It makes sense really since going on the road to nowhere only cost them a huge chunk of their roster, lost them OVW, caused the Gut Check segment to be abandoned and didn't exactly fill the arena's anyway.

Dixie's heel turn is probably one of the worst decisions they have made to date since the woman has zero fucking charisma when it comes to portraying a character on screen.  She just comes across like her real self to be honest, you only have to search her on youtube to see her threatening her employee's for having opinions backstage.  The fact they are releasing Dixie merchandise as if people want T-shirts with her name on them is going sell.  The only properties they have that sell are AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, at least in large quantities anyway.

So as is the norm now for TNA they give interviews with numerous magazines or online shows with the most recent being another glorious verbal turd from Dixie herself, this time with Sports illustrated. 

Getting on Spike TV: “Once we got on Spike, we changed a lot of things and our revenues grew. We’ve been cash flow positive for the last four or five years. After that point, Panda stopped putting money in the company. We’ve funded it with every dollar we’ve made and maybe that’s kept us from growing quite as fast.”

If Panda energy (Dixies parent's company) haven't been putting money in for the last four or five years, how come Dixie's mother Janice had to take financial control over the company back in 2011?  You know because of all the money Dixie was blowing on every boneheaded suggestion by the likes of Bischoff and Hogan.  Also sorry but Jarrett made the company what it was when Dixie stepped in and he was essential to brokering the deal with Spike so she is full of shit there.

Recent talent releases: “Some people were let go… They didn’t resonate. They didn’t move the needle or the contract they wanted wasn’t something that was good for this company. Sorry, but this company has to be in business in 10, 20 years from now. I have to run a company and grow it. I’m to the point right now where things have to be a certain way for us.”

Seriously?  Resonating or not you cannot claim that everyone that was let go didn't fit the company.  Madison Rayne had been there for years and had plenty of fans, the fact that TNA let her go when she was pregnant is pretty reprehensible frankly.  Also I would be interested to know which talent wanted some ridiculous contract that would bankrupt the company.  None of the people released outside maybe Tara were huge names in the company (TNA's fault for not building them up) so what kind of money would they have been demanding?  Hell they offered Mickie James $60,000 a year to sign up for another year or so.  Dixie even had the likes of Bruce prichard forcing pay cuts on talent so again what exactly were they asking in financial terms that was so unacceptable?  I guess asking for a wage that could support yourself and any loved ones is way too much, but why should this vapid bitch care? she has millions of dollars and her redneck husband to keep her warm and happy every night.  Fuck you Dixie!

Going on the road: “We went on the road thinking if we could sell 1,500-2,000 tickets, we’d be good. We went in with a very conservative budget. We didn’t come out here thinking we’d sell out arenas. The truth is we exceeded those budget numbers. We hit our revenue numbers, but we overspent when it came to loading out of the Universal studio. There was a two-month overlap that cost us… I think we’ve learned a lot from this. We learned that the show has to be shaken up, not the venue.”

This one made me laugh, the idea that TNA sold 1500 tickets per event is a joke.  Yeah sometimes they actually did have good crowds but a majority of the time they only drew a few hundred fans and when they did hit this magic number of 1,500 - 2,000 fans for an event you know damn well they papered most of them in for free.  But it doesn't end there she then claims they exceeded these budget numbers and were on route to making a profit.  She claims it was the move from Universal that set them back financially.  Bull fucking shit Dixie.  Dixie blamed the One night only shows for some of their budget issues, but then it came to light that it was costing them around $600,000 per impact show outside of Universal.  Even if you had every fan paying $65 for a ticket and got all 2000 in the arena you are only making $130,000 a night.  So how any of this makes sense to her is a mystery.

If signing Hulk Hogan was worth it: “Yes, I think Hulk has been worth it. He’s opened a lot of doors for us. When you’re about to lose a deal in an international territory and one phone call from Hulk Hogan makes a man who doesn’t even speak your language melt and you get your deal back, that carries a lot of weight. There’s not another guy out there who could do that.”

“If we did anything wrong with him, we used him too much on television. If he stayed with us, you’d probably see less of him.”

This is also pretty funny.  Now I am not denying the popularity of the Hulkster he is and always will be an icon of professional wrestling but seriously Dixie is just begging him to come back here.  Despite the fact that since his arrival in 2010 and his departure this year the company has been doing worse than it did in 2009.  Losing money left, right and centre along with promoting himself primarily over the rest of the locker room I fail to see how he opened doors for the company, and if he did they did nothing with it.  Also what is the line about Hogan making foreign people melt and give into your demands all about?  This just stinks of her begging him to return to the show because she is so convinced now that TNA is worthless without him, especially with that final line about using him less if he came back.  The truth is they would probably use him more and he would want to be on the show more anyway.

Sorry Dixie but you're full of it.  You have virtually no understanding of the business you have been working in for the last five years if not more.  Let people who know how to run a wrestling company do their job and stay out of the way.  Let them make you money and build TNA to become something people watch because it's fun and not for the purposes of critiquing it or to see what abortion of a story you screw up next.



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