Friday, 8 November 2013

TNA Analysed 28 - Orlando homecoming and 365 Initiative

It wasn't really a surprise to read about TNA returning to Orlando studio's to film Impact again, mainly because the amount of money it was costing them to book arena's for a few hundred people each week wasn't really making a profit let alone break even for them.  Honestly going on the road was one of the biggest mistakes the company has made to date.  It didn't have the desired effect for the company, although it may have brought in a few new fans who may watch the television product, it never reached the popularity of say, Smackdown.

One early rumour was a potential site in Vegas instead of Universal studios, but in the long run that probably would have cost them more money than Florida.  Hell it's skin off Universals nose if TNA leave or come back, they always have new ideas for attractions and as it turns out the old Impact zone has been converted into a theme attraction.  This now means that the new Impact zone is based in a similar sized studio that is apparently longer but not as wide.  Either way it pretty much proves that TNA isn't at the stage where it can simply up sticks to any major venue in the country and draw a massive crowd.  The Bound for glory attendance showed us this when it was revealed that paid attendance was somewhere around 2900 before people were papered in.

So yeah their biggest show of the year which wasn't a bad event only managed to draw an average Smackdown crowd for a venue that could hold around 12,000.  Not good basically, especially when rumours of the company being up for private sale are floating around and have only gotten more rampant as the days go by.  Billy Corgan being interested is likely a lie, but I wouldn't put other rumours down as false just yet.  Janice Carter did send a memo about the rumours being false, but it would be suicidal business wise to just flat out tell your employee's "yes we are looking to sell because this company is going down the pan, but keep up the hard work everyone".

Going back to the Impact zone is a step in the right direction in my opinion.  They need to work on saving money and bringing back previously cut talent or training some new guys.  Cutting OVW was a pretty bad idea in my opinion because without a developmental territory they are going to struggle for new faces.  I guess they will just wait for more former NXT wrestlers to come over.  In fact Ethan Carter the third or ECIII is actually a pretty fun character at the moment.  He has a great look, his 1% gimmick is smart and his theme is actually fitting and not too bad to listen to. 

I do have to question the new 365 initiative though.  I just don't get what uploading video's via camera phone or digital camera are going to add to the product.  Much like WWE's obnoxious use of youtube to try and boost ratings and make some money from partnership it doesn't add anything to the actual show.  I mean seeing a wrestler post match being helped by staff isn't all that exciting since a majority of the time it's work anyway so it doesn't mean anything and when it's real the internet lights up with images and video's anyway so we don't need the official footage.

This impact365 crap would be better if it was just the wrestlers at home dealing with everyday problems in a wrestling way.  Bully Ray's new TV breaks and he can't get a replacement over the phone, so he heads to the store with the aces and eights and lays the smackdown on the employee's there as revenge.  The usual stuff, piledrivers through tables, electronics being used as weapons that sort of thing.  I think that would be way more entertaining than backstage footage or short video's of Dixie telling us that some dickhead called pac man jones is coming back to TNA, like anyone gives a fuck about him.

In the end the 365 thing will die off like all of TNA's promotions outside of the core product.  If only they would realise that they have a potentially great wrestling product they could make some money, build a bigger fan following and then waste money on sideshow crap like this.  They are doing it ass backwards to try and compete with the WWE and it will never work this way.  TNA need to re-focus their attention on the larger issue and that is maintaining a core roster of top talent and building from that.  They already have some very talented people, they just need to use them properly. 


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