Sunday, 24 November 2013

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is every fans dream game

Despite the Dragon ball Z saga being probably one of the most tapped anime franchises for gaming to date, it still has a few surprises left to give fans of current gen systems.  Traditionally Z games have generally gone the obvious fighting game route of featuring one on one conflict between the characters utilising the mechanics of flight, ranged and melee combat.  It's been pretty successful with numerous games made under the Tenkaichi and Budokai sub name, but now a new game is coming next year simply known as 'Battle of Z'.

Yeah the title is kind of crap but the name isn't important here it's what the game will deliver that is in Mr.Torgue's terminology would count as Fucking AWESOME!  Basically you will be able to fight in a large arena with seven other players.  Yes seven other players will be in the fight with you at the same time flinging attacks around and generally looking cool.  The story mode features numerous team battles with many of the manga's key battles being altered to allow four players to fight them instead of just Goku for instance.  The final battle against Frieza on Namek will as an example have a team of Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin and Goku all fighting a more powerful Frieza and it looks so good.

Ganking will probably become common online
But outside of the story you also have the option of going online and fighting in teams of four against another team of four for a massive DBZ style ruck.  There is also a battle royale mode which has all eight players fighting for the highest score in the match.  There is even DLC in the form of new characters such as Super Vegito and Super Saiyan Bardock set to release post launch, but this game could essentially run for a long time simply by adding characters not in the game for more variety.  Movie characters such as the other androids, Turles, Coolers armoured squadron, Bojack and his crew.  The list is extensive although the chances of more character DLC as with any Japanese anime game is relatively low.  Still the roster is pretty robust for a game like this and I can see myself coming up with a whole new type of tournament type based on this game alone.

After the current string of preorder disasters I have suffered with games like Total War Rome II and Battlefield 4 I am now probably less likely to preorder games as readily as I once did.  This though will be a preorder for me simply because these games are tough to find here in the UK after the initial launch and with the PS3 being considered obsolete as of next week the amount of games carried for that system online will probably diminish a little anyway.  I would say though it's worth a preorder as a fan and it's no doubt going to be fun just fighting in a massive free for all DBZ style.

The below video shows off a lot of the games features and the narrator is either insane or being told to act completely over the top, either way he does a good job here for a series associated with being completely over the top.


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