Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Console fanboys - Why? Just Why?

Gaming is probably my single largest and most time consuming hobby.  I spend literally hours playing games every single day and as such I have played a fair number of games in my time across a number of platforms.  Now I am not even close to some aficionado's out there like the Angry video game nerd who is a true collector of games, but I can claim my fair share of gaming experience from the Acorn electronics systems, ZX Spectrum, NES, SNES, Master System, Megadrive (Genesis), PC, Playstation, N64, PS2, PS3, PSP, Vita, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS.  Yeah I never had the luxury of affording things like the Gamecube or XBOX systems but I know of their history and quality over time. 

Personally though I can see the appeal of all systems, even the Wii U, but what I don't understand is the rampant and sometimes outright hostility of the fans of a specific system.  This isn't anything new as I am sure you will remember during the SEGA and Nintendo days where you had to be in one camp or the other for some reason.  With the release of the PS4 and XBOX One in the last few weeks the fanboyism is running wild brother!  Now both systems are very good and both have their minor pros and cons but seriously why do a small number of people have to act like it's a fucking gang war out there?  Every tiny issue with these consoles that is reported sparks a massive flame war on message boards, forums and sites as if it's some kind of life or death battle and for what?  It's not like some Sony or Microsoft exec is going to swing into your house and hand you a free console, high class hookers and a brand new car for being a keyboard warrior.

Yes I get the irony here of posting a blog while bashing other people, but I'm not doing it because "XBONE LOL!" or "SONY FALE!11!!1!!" is some kind of massive blow to the economic future of either company like these massive retards are thinking.  I think Marcus Beer got it right a couple of weeks back when he said it's possibly a psychological thing, where a person who can only afford one of the systems has to try and justify their expensive purchase by acting the tit online. 

The thing is that neither system is a true winner here as both are relatively similar in capability and performance and both are already major sellers in their home territories and abroad so it's not like the fate of either system is on a knife edge here.  Next year I will be purchasing a PS4, not because of some loyalty to a company no, because it's a system I am familiar with.  I can see what Microsoft offers and yeah it's a nice console that does some things a little different from Sony which is a good thing overall as having two consoles offering the same thing would be sort of redundant really.

Obviously there are times where companies make mistakes that leave you dumbfounded.  Sony and it's serious security breach last year.  Microsoft and it's string of bad decisions during the XBOX One reveal earlier this year and Nintendo's bizarre decision to release a new console that doesn't come close to it's competitors in terms of raw power or performance.  Despite these events being gaffs on the companies end of things, people treated them like major blows for victory against their hated foes it's just weird.  Do these fanboys only ever buy one brand of everything and violently detest all other brands? going online to attack others who don't agree with their choices?  So does a Microsoft fanboy only drink Pepsi, only drives Ford, only eats Chicago town pizza, only watches BBC programming, uses only one brand of toothpaste, mouthwash and floss, drinks one kind of alcohol and finally only uses one type of toilet paper?  If their choice of console is precious to them surely everything else is also right?

Basically what I am getting at here is that this whole fanboy thing need not exist.  Competition is good in any industry and here we have three consoles to choose from that cover any specific need we as fans could want from a console.  Nintendo have the family covered with the Wii U, Sony have the hardcore covered with PS4 and Microsoft have a sort of middle ground entertainment/gaming system on offer.  If you feel the need to berate others for their purchase then you are pretty pathetic to be honest.  Stop treating console releases like it's a sport, these aren't teams that win championships based on sales figures you morons. 

If anything this rampant fanboyism only creates issues in the industry that end up hurting us as gamers.  Exclusivity is something that came solely because of the fanboy trend in gaming.  As a result we see developers being given truck loads of cash to make a game exclusively for a specific system as a means to appease these shitheels.  Prior to this games generally came out on most systems because sales are better across multiple systems rather than being tied to a single platform.  So yeah Microsoft fans missed out on games like infamous, Uncharted and Killzone, while Sony missed out on Gears of war, HALO and Forza.  All games that are great but denied to a section players because of this minority of idiots who kick up a fuss prompting manufacturers to use it as a means to try and drive sales with exclusive games.

We don't need this attitude in gaming anymore, it should be a thing of the past and we should all just push our favourite developer or company to release their games across all three platforms.  Great games deserve as wide an audience as they can get and as long as these fanboys exist we will be hamstrung by Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as they pander to them instead of looking at the bigger picture.


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