Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Transformers Conflicts returns

Yes I have finally gotten around to making some more templates for my long time card game featuring the G1 era Transformers.  Another four characters today, one of them is a personal favourite of mine.

Snapdragon was first seen in the Headmasters mini series and wasn't really seen much after that really.  Not sure if I will bother with his dinosaur mode yet since it looks pretty terrible on the second image.  His jet mode however is another cool Decepticon jet to use, giving them a huge advantage in aerial operations.

Snarler however is just plain awful.  His colour scheme is a joke and his alternate mode is laughable.  I guess I might have to be a little creative with his abilities to make him a character you would actually want to deploy onto the field.

Slapdash on the other hand looks really cool and I kind of wish he had been an original Autobot in the cartoon he looks so cool.

Finally we have a classic in Smokescreen one of the better known Autobots and a character who recently got a Masterpiece figure soon to be released.  His image art is really good and I plan on making good use of his namesake ability.

I shall try to keep up the TFC updates over the next few weeks.  I nearly have all of them complete so then it's a matter of resizing where it's necessary and then statting these guys.


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