Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Transformers Conflicts returns part 2

On a little roll here as I have completed another 4 templates today.  Today's update is all Decepticon bringing a popular fan favourite and a few rank and file for the decks.

First up we have Soundwave looking pretty chunky in this artwork.  I may try and make an alternate card at some point from different Soundwave art but this will do for now.  Either way expect Soundwave to be a pretty tough opponent to face off against.  He can deploy his cassettes to assist him in combat and outnumber his opponents.  But even without them he is a tough opponent.

Next up is Spaceshot a combiner who forms a space shuttle.  I am still debating whether or not to just have these duo combiners form the vehicle on their own without the need for their partner, but it's still up in the air.  Still Spaceshot looks pretty big being a combiner and will again increase the decepticons air dominance on the field.

Next up is Sparkstalker who is pretty laughable in his bird monster mode, whatever it's called.  His robot mode is pretty big looking and I have to once again question the decision on the decepticon military's part to use bright colours for their troopers.  Either way he will have some special abilities like fire breathing and the like.

And finally we have Spinister who was destined to fight for the 'cons considering his name.  Still he has a pretty cool vehicle mode and robot mode, just a pity about the colours really.


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