Thursday, 31 October 2013

TNA Analysed 27 - Bischoff is sent off and TNA up for sale?

Let's face it 2013 has been one tough year for Total Non Stop Action Wrestling.  A year of money saving pay per view cuts, going on the road, talent cuts, late talent payments, controversial sackings, rehab sojourns and backstage shake ups to name a few it's no wonder rumours have been floating around recently about the Carter family looking to sell the company.

Of course none of these rumours have yet to be confirmed or solidly denied outside of a heel twitter post from Dixie earlier in the week.  Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer however is a pretty solid source to go on though when it comes to things wrestling related so I am leaning to the sale rumours being true and frankly I think it best for TNA as a whole if it was sold to new owners.  Dixie has basically been a yes man for everyone simply because she had no experience of the business and simply signed blank cheques for years, throwing millions of dollars of her parents money into the bottomless pit that is Impact wrestling.

No doubt she had the best intentions for the company and some of the people whose idea's she listened to probably tried their best to see the company grow from a struggling indie to something akin to at least WCW.  TNA has yet to reach that lofty height yet, even with national coverage on Spike, TNA still suffers from financial issues like any indie promotion but now has a international television programme highlighting all the ugly blemishes of it's production. 

New owners would certainly give the company a fresh start.  New eyes looking over the roster and management could have a better chance at mixing up the programme and actually pushing it forward rather than holding it back.  The current products dependence on older wrestlers to prop it up certainly isn't helping it much, at best they act as life support.  How long can TNA honestly keep running Sting?  He is old, unable to go like he used to and has an ever decreasing fan base.  TNA push him like he is the messiah of wrestling but he won't be around for the next ten years to headline their shows.  Jeff Hardy is a mixed bag and has had his day in the sun and Bully Ray although a dependable worker and solid wrestler isn't getting any younger.

The rest of the roster sits in the shadows being promised new pushes and headline status regularly but never really get their chance to shine and it's a real shame.  Magnus could be a major player in the roster but is continually shot down.  Samoa Joe a wrestler who once made crowds pop every match now holds a virtual jobber status.  Daniels and Kazarian have managed to carve out a niche of their own in the tag division to become probably the most entertaining part of the show but they haven't been given the run they deserve and like most of the roster is getting older.

New owners will no doubt see the age of the roster and start making cuts to freshen up the product.  Like Paul Heyman said a few years back, he would cut anyone over 30 and develop a roster of young fresh and enthusiastic talent to completely kickstart the company and make it interesting and energetic.  Of course who would shoot down this idea?  Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. 

Now it's easy to lay the blame for the current state of TNA at their feet, but really Dixie deserves a big part of the blame, as does Bruce Prichard and Vince Russo among others.  2010 was the year the company began it's decline from laughably bad but fun to watch wrestling programme to just plain boring.  It's not that TNA doesn't have good matches or even good stories to tell, it just never seems to want to wrap them up when they should or let them breathe long enough.  They either overdose or drip feed and it never ends up working out for them.

The other big piece of news is that Bischoff is now essentially sitting out the rest of his contract at home with his feet up with a hot cup of chocolate.  Much like his end days in WCW which had him do the same thing, Eric will no doubt play the pity game if and when the company goes completely tits up.  Give it a few months and he will be doing interviews where he will blame everyone but himself and Hulk for the decline of the product.  "If only they would have given us the money to do X" or "Such and such didn't want to work with us so we had to go in Y direction".  Never will he hold his hands up and say "I fucked up here and here, but I feel I did this well etc. etc."  No he will simply blame everyone else and ride off into the sunset for his next wrestling adventure on someone else's dime.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if Bischoff and Hogan did actually acquire the funds to start their own wrestling company.  If nothing else we would likely see the if they could make a successful company or simply fail.  Put their money where their mouth is so to speak.  I don't know, sometimes I feel I rag on them too much sometimes, but it's easy to do because they have a history of fucking it up.

The sad part about this whole debacle is the future of the talent.  Imagine being in the locker room working for TNA and not really knowing what will happen.  If they do sell the company will the new owners want to keep you around?  Will they just fire you or let your contract run out?  What if you aren't what they're looking for or they don't get you as a wrestler, it must be pretty stressful.  It's bad enough that these people who are all fans of the industry who made it into their favourite business end up working for late payments, have to register for food stamps, run shows for tiny crowds, pay their own medical bills, have to work per appearance contracts and pretend to be happy about it twenty four seven.  Hell there are people in the show I don't like but I don't want to read about them suffering if TNA does end up collapsing or being sold to new owners.

And what of the Carters?  Well Dixie will be happy, hell she is set for life anyway where even if the company tanks she can run off to mummy and daddy for her next business venture.  Her parents however probably face the most stress and I don't really feel sorry for the multi millionaires, but I do feel they must hate TNA as a business simply because they had to either pay through the nose for all of Dixie's dumb decisions or reign their daughter in financially like her mother did to prevent anymore over-spending.  I think the Carter parents will be happy to see it go personally, a side attraction neither of them would have wanted had it not been for their daughters interest. 

Hopefully these sale rumours will be true and the company will find new owners who can breathe some life back into the show and improve the roster, or at least fill it out a little more.  The biggest mistake TNA ever made was trying to go head to head with the titan that is WWE.  Had they not gone that route and focused more on what they had in their favour we could have seen a very different company today, but hindsight is a wonderful thing.

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