Tuesday, 15 October 2013

TNA Analysed 26 - Hall of Fame?

While sitting on the crapper a few nights ago I was thinking about North American wrestling's other number two promotion TNA.  More specifically I was thinking about the TNA hall of fame, a relatively recent knock off of WWE's hall of fame.  Now yes WWE probably are not the first to come up with a hall of fame as there is no doubt some other company or publication that did it first, but since TNA "creative" just watch WWE for their idea's this isn't anything different.

WWE's hall of fame can never really be taken seriously, when you look at it from the point of view of the industry as a whole.  They only induct their own talent who are still on good terms with the company and are available for appearance that year.  You will never see wrestlers from other past promotions making it to the WWE hall anytime soon, or even wrestlers who died working for the company.  Benoit for instance despite the tragic circumstances of his death and that of his families, should be inducted but he never will be.  Neither will Owen Hart, Brian Pillman or Rick Rude.  Hell I don't even think Ultimate Warrior will make the cut simply because he had a falling out with management back in the mid 90's.

I don't disagree with the WWE hall of fame.  At least these people get some recognition for their work, even if it is from a company they worked for that now has no time for them, it's better than nothing.  I guess the fans appreciate it more than the company does in the long run because they get to see favourites of their younger years getting some recognition.  Then I look at the TNA version which is now on it's second year and is inducting Kurt Angle this coming Bound for glory. 

The first year it was Sting, while this year it's Kurt and I am starting to wonder if this is some means of dicking with WWE.  It's no secret that WWE are interested in signing Sting for some major Wrestlemania appearance.  Rumours abound each year his contract is close to finishing that he may sign with McMahon for some huge Undertaker V Sting bout for 'mania, but it is yet to show.  But the rumours have obviously had enough impact to make TNA look at the situation and devise some means to have that one up on WWE. 

Sting hasn't been inducted into the WWE hall of fame and likely wouldn't be until he signed with them anyway, but since he would probably do it near the end of his career as one last high spot, he would no doubt be added for whatever year he signed with them.  TNA in my opinion added Sting to their low rent hall of fame simply to get there first and mess with WWE.  This way if he does leave they can say "we added Sting first, fuck you Vince"  It is kind of laughable that TNA even have a hall of fame after such a short run in the industry, at least get twenty years under your belt before running off and making cheap awards.

Angle is also absent from the WWE hall and again his induction makes me think that TNA only want to fuck with WWE.  Why would WWE care? well we have seen how petty both companies have been to each other over the years, messing with talent, getting people fired (TNA), ribbing each other etc.  This is just another layer of that.  Since TNA cannot go head to head with WWE without some kind of mad multi billionaire funding them anyway, they have to mess with the competition in different ways and this is one of them. 

It wouldn't surprise me to see Hardy added as the next inductee since once again he isn't on the list over in Connecticut.  Basically anyone who isn't on WWE's list that once worked for WCW or WWE will get on the TNA list.  Hogan isn't there simply because he was added years ago by Vince and so adding the Hulkster to TNA's isn't going to do much.  What makes this hall of fame worse is that the wrong people are being honoured here.  Why aren't original TNA talent being inducted?  When is Samoa Joe going to be added for instance?  How about Bobby Roode?  AJ Styles?  the list goes on.  If anyone these people should be added first, but once again if you worked for a big promotion or a big and now dead promotion you get all the perks.

If my little conspiracy theory is wrong then the previous statement should stand on it's own merit.  TNA are inducting the wrong people.  Give it to the people who actually built the company and got it off the ground for better or worse.  Jeff Jarrett should have been the first inductee if anyone was to be honoured for their contributions to the company, but since Dixie and others backstage are trying to retcon history that will never happen.

Basically, fuck this company.


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