Monday, 7 October 2013

TNA Analysed 25 - Hogan back to his old tricks?

So if the news sites or dirtsheets are to be believed then the Hulkster has left TNA after negotiations fell through regarding his contract.  Obviously TNA have been struggling financially to stay afloat and some areas of the Internet are discussing a possible buyout of TNA and new owners coming in.  Now whether this is true or not doesn't concern me as the company could probably do with fresh eyes and a shake up of the management structure anyway.

What I am more interested in is the departure of Hogan.  After reading the death of WCW I am suddenly reminded of Hogan's tactics to maintain his top spot in the company.  Generally when the show would start to suffer a decline in ratings or rough patches, Hogan would leave for a short time before coming back when the ratings started to climb again.  He would then claim it was his return that caused the ratings bump and he was indispensable to the company. 

Now TNA are suffering big time right now and Hogan doesn't want to be connected to a company that is in decline, so he refuses to sign a new contract and walks out on good terms.  It's not like he needs the money these days as he is comfortable financially, unlike Flair.  If TNA is bought by another interested party or say Spike network TV, then Hogan will probably come back to the company on a new contract.  He will then use this as a way to put himself back in the spotlight as the front man for a new and rejuvenated TNA.

Hogan has always been savvy when it comes the wrestling business and if I had to pick between him and Cena for biggest babyface I had to watch while tied to a chair with my eyelids held open, I would pick Hogan simply for the mental promo's he ran back in the old WWF days.  This could end up being a massive work and people suffered his Miley Cyrus parody for nothing, but it seems legit really.  TNA have been having difficulty re-negotiating contracts with talent for the last three or four months now and these negotiations have been focused on saving money, meaning less pay for the wrestlers.  We already know TNA have let go of several members of the roster as cost cutting measures and Hogan's contract cost quite a lot, rumoured around 2 million a year with some of the cost being covered by Spike.

There is reason to believe that this Hogan thing is a work since Eric Bischoff is still working in TNA as a producer in some capacity.  His presence in the company could suggest that Hogan is still set to return, but if that is the case then it will be when Hogan wants to come back rather than being ordered to.  Essentially he would be collecting pay for nothing, but hey that's how TNA works.

A short TNA Analysed this week but I thought it was a decent topic to pick.  I am leaning toward Hogan's departure being a work but if it is confirmed at a later date then I guess I will update this post.  As yet Hogan hasn't actually said he has left, simply posted something on Facebook that neither confirms or denies his leaving.


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