Sunday, 13 October 2013

Star Wars X-Wing - The Grand Campaign

I became a little unhappy with the idea of stand alone scenario's built around very basic setups.  Don't get me wrong here, I do like them it's just creating them never really felt all that fun because there was never a "what happened next" situation where you could literally spin out the battle into a mini story of it's own.

So while I was trawling the fantasy flight X-Wing forums I noticed that quite a few players own several models of each ship released and then it hit me.  Instead of making a single battle using the 100 point rule, why not make something that allows everyone to use all of their models regardless of number and actually have those great star wars battles they always dreamt of with an overarching objective to make the matches more important.

So the grand campaign became a reality.  The basic premise is that players would break off into the two teams, rebel and imperial.  Now player numbers isn't a problem here as the campaign can allow for as many as your gaming group can handle, but obviously a nice even number would help.  These teams would have a point limit, at the moment it's looking like 1000 for the rebels and 1100 for the imperials, but these numbers can change as the campaign is still being worked out.

Players would build a fleet of fighters and other combat vessels from this point pool, upto the 1000/1100 limit.  The only restriction is that you cannot pick any characters for these ships so the best X-Wing pilot for instance would a Red Squadron pilot.  You would want a fleet that can possibly combat a wide range of missions to give you the best chance of success.

After the fleets are built you then select your equipment.  The rebels have 300 points and the imperial 200, again this number will probably change through testing.  Teams would pick their fleets weapons and equipment, so crew, astromech droids, missiles, torpedoes, modifications, pilot skills and more.

Once this is done the teams decide who has initiative.  The team/player with initiative then selects a mission from a list of hopefully 10 or 20.  Now the missions would be vital to success in the campaign.  The victory conditions are to either destroy or damage the opposing the fleet until it is forced to withdraw or destroy all the opposing fleets fighter compliment.  The missions effectively simulate this on going battle between the rebel fleet and imperial fleet.

Both fleets would be made up of ships that fill different roles, so star destroyers would be the battleships, victory class star destroyers would be your cruisers and so on and so forth.  Some missions would be built around destroying certain ship types like a Mon Calamari or ISD, while others would be around hitting supply ships or raiding convoys.  Some missions would be skirmish battles while others would be full on dogfights with a high point allowance.

Missions would have differing point limits based on their scale, so attacking a large capital ship would be 300 points for example, meaning you can bring bomber squads to damage the target, with escort fighters and interceptors amongst others.  If you are victorious in your chosen mission then you roll to receive a single award listed on that mission.  Examples rewards can be unique pilots for certain ships, reinforcements to replenish lost fighters, extra equipment, repairing a damaged fleet vessel and more.  These would be determined via a single die roll and every mission would have something a team needs to succeed making them all viable.

I don't foresee campaigns being quick, but I do see them becoming something more interesting for players.  The great thing is that the campaign structure is open ended and would allow for any new models added by FFG to be seamlessly integrated without any changes to the missions.  When the Corellian Corvette and GR-75 are released new missions based around those ships could be brought in, or existing missions when attacking the Rebels could be tweaked to use these models if you have them, but really that's it.

I will continue to work on the idea as time permits, but hopefully I should have this set out in a few months.  Possibly turning the campaign into a PDF for people to download in the future would be an idea. 


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