Wednesday, 9 October 2013

October Update and other random stuff

Yeah sorry if I have missed some days for posting more recently, I haven't been feeling well coupled with my cat hebe's recent operation to remove all of her teeth which was pretty upsetting.  Either way she is doing well and is looking as grumpy as ever.

Yeah remember these? Nearly done, promise
Anyway as far as the blog is concerned I have some long term goals in mind.  The first of these being to actually finish the templates for the Transformers Conflicts cards I started a long while back.  Again things have been getting on top of me and I end up putting them aside for other projects, but I shall persevere and complete that stage this year hopefully.

Outside of that I have been writing tiny bits of pieces of a sci-fi story a started creating back when I was about 14 in school.  Suffice to say it has changed a lot since then but it is always being tweaked here and there in my muddled mind.  Lot's of characters, background, tech and story adjustments ongoing, but I do want to create a rough draft of the first book, yes book, there are several.  The influences are mecha, Dragonball Z, Mass Effect and a bunch of other influences from the years as I have tweaked it.  This will take up a few of the days I normally set aside for the blog.

In the weeks going forward though I have decided to start work on another big project in the X-Wing setting.  Where previously I was making scenarios for single engagements I have decided to make something far more grand in it's scale.  The X-Wing campaign, a system that will be modular and allow for whatever kind of conflict gaming groups would prefer for their sessions.  Details are being fleshed out still but it will pretty much be flexible enough to allow any new fighters that are added as FFG continue to release new content for the game.  I will be making a more in depth post about this during the week sometime.

Gaming this week will see my look at the free to play title Warframe which has been out for sometime but hell I just started playing and so maybe someone would like to hear my opinions on the game.  At the moment I am enjoying it, but it's still early days there.

Batman Arkham Origins launches in a couple of weeks and I am not as hyped for it as I thought I would be.  It's possibly the leaked trophy list which again mentions Riddler trophies.  I didn't mind these in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, but really a third time?  Chronologically this would be the first time Riddler will have setup hundreds of trophies, riddles and gadgets around a city but seriously how many times do we have to run around parts of Gotham looking for glowing green trophies?  Where does Batman put them? 

That aside more Arkham should be great fun and the games combat system is always a riot to use just for those wincingly painful moves Bat's puts on his foes.  Deathstroke should be fun to play as also and an interesting boss for Batman to face off against.  Hopefully this title will actually feature more Batman villains that he will have to fight hand to hand rather than stealth around.

Mechwarrior Online launches it's project phoenix content next week which includes the Locust, Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Battlemaster albeit in non copyright infringing forms.  Still Overlord owners like myself will have access to 12 'mechs with bays and 90 days of premium time.  I will be posting my impressions of these new 'mechs next week after I have finished cheering like a schoolgirl everytime I drop into a match with them.

Outside of that I there will no doubt be other things to talk about but thats just an overview of whats coming for definite in October.  Have a good week folks, thanks for reading :)


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