Monday, 21 October 2013

Hero Mechs are not pay to win

I have noticed recently that a few uninformed gamers out there seem to believe that the hero mechs available in Mechwarrior Online are somehow pay to win.  MWO isn't World of Tanks where realistic armour values and ballistics are taken into account, so buying a premium heavy tank doesn't give you some special bonus over other players.  Also MWO doesn't feature special ammo or any other real money perks.

The idea that the hero mechs are somehow better than the stock models proves how ignorant these people are.  Let's look at the first hero mech added to the game, the Yen-Lo Wang Centurion.  it is pretty nifty looking for a medium battlemech and certainly has a decent punch but that's it.  The stock loadout is 1 AC/20 in the right arm and 2 medium lasers in the centre torso.  It runs hot without double heatsinks and ammo is limited.  Once it's arm is blown off it's dead in the water and because of it's reliance on the autocannon it becomes a priority target for opponents.

The only benefit this 'mech has over the standard chassis is a 10% C-bill and experience bonus.  It has relatively middle of the road armour and limited customisation and costs you around £15 in MC to buy.  Compare this to the standard CN-9D which is way more flexible weapon wise with the only difference being it's inability to mount the AC/20 which is neither here nor there when you take into account the 9D can mount missiles and more lasers along with the ballistics.

How anyone thinks the Wang is somehow head and shoulders above other 'mechs is beyond me and shows they have no clue what they're talking about.  Let us look at another hero example in the assault list, the Misery.  Misery is a Stalker variant that brings a single ballistics slot which is unique for the Stalker chassis.  Again this gives no special advantage over other players as the Stalker is one of the most rugged and weapon heavy 'mechs in the Battletech universe.  Very few people want to face a Stalker one on one and it's no different in MWO.  The standard models can mount multiple lasers and missiles and still kick absolute arse.  The Misery does allow players to run a big ballistic weapon like a Gauss rifle or AC/20 but this isn't game breaking since multiple chassis's are capable of the same thing.

You are just paying for that minor alteration and unique skin.  The money they ask for hero 'mechs is too much in my opinion but then I don't complain since they aren't getting anything special over me.  Hell these players help fund the game with their purchases, without them I wouldn't have an awesome battletech game to play every day for free.  Some more recently have also called the Phoenix pack a pay to win pack which again is stupid because it only allows players early access to four 'mechs that will be in the game eventually anyway and again gives you some unique paint schemes.  My Shadow Hawk 2H has no special advantage over a Hunchback 4SP, both 'mechs have some pros and cons to the style of play and bring more variety to the fields

So in closing no, MWO does not have pay 2 win battlemechs in it or any other real money advantage.  It doesn't break the economy either and some people out there actually need to play it before they go off claiming it has pay to win features.  


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