Saturday, 26 October 2013

Critical Rocket talks - Bound for glory 2013

Yeah I know I said I was going to talk about this yesterday but a little thing called Batman Arkham origins released and I was swept up in all of it's bone crunching glory.  But today here I shall discuss TNA and it's premiere wrestling event of the year, Bound for glory.

In a nutshell the show wasn't bad and like most TNA pay per view shows it had decent matches along with a few clunkers.  I found it amusing that they ran a free to view pre-show with a match much like WWE and it's youtube free show.  Either way it was a decent match between the Bromans, E.G.O and Chavo and Hernandez.  The match was elevated by the sheer presence of E.G.O who are arguably the best thing about TNA at the moment.  I liked the fact the crowd booed the shit out of Chavo as soon as he started doing Eddie's three amigo's suplexe's and then cheered when they lost.

The pay per view itself though was OK.  The ultimate X match was good except for the pretty weak finish.  I don't object to Sabin winning the belt since Manik is kind of crap as a champion but the finish was just lame.  Shoving Velvet Sky (who should have wrestled that night I might add) into the ring to distract Hardy so Sabin can nab the belt felt cheap.  When you pay for an event like this, you should have clear cut victories, especially for an event this big for the company.  But yeah aside from the finish it was entertaining.  I do wonder what happened to Kenny King in the equation since he was quite vocal in the weeks leading up to the match being set, but then vanished completely.

The world tag title match was kind of weird.  For weeks the Bromans had been booked as so bad they could be beaten in under a minute by ODB.  Suddenly they are actually capable of wrestling and can go with James Storm and Murphy's friend.  It was just weird frankly and sort of unbelievable when you put the last few impact tapings side by side with this match and see a completely different team.  The fact the Bromans won the match is even more whiplash inducing.  Yeah they cheated but they actually won the belts which makes Storm and Murphy's friend look really weak.  I suspect a break up of the team so Storm can go solo again, while the Bromans will simply be in a holding pattern for now and have no storylines for months.  Another weird thing was the addition of some jacked up guy who is some body builder.  I assume he was a local celebrity roped in for the night to draw fans I guess, he added nothing to the match but did make Robbie E and Jessie look tiny compared.

The Knockouts match was a bust since it was pretty slow and uninteresting all the way through until the arrival of the tragically named Lei'd Tapa.  Tapa kicked the shit out of both ODB and Brooke to allow Gail to win.  We then see that the two are allied and I was immediately hit with comparisons of AJ Lee and Tamina.  Considering both Tamina and Tapa are both huge women and are of similar ethnic descent it is kind of hard not to call TNA on this.  But on it's own the match was pants.

Bobby Roode fought Kurt Angle in a match that seemed rushed together.  I just don't get the match personally.  Obviously Angle was gone due to his rehab on WWE's dime for alcohol abuse so creative had to come up with a BFG match for him when he came back, but Roode?  Why not put Angle back with the Main event mafia?  Have him face off in a handicap match with Knux and Bischoff or be Sting and Magnus' bodyguard during their match.  Either way the match which wasn't terrible in and of itself, felt redundant.  I couldn't care about the reasons they were fighting and the outcome didn't make any difference either.  It was just a match, not a bad one but not something I think the fans would have missed had it not been scheduled.

This next match is probably my biggest gripe with the event.  Ethan Carter III is debuted in the ring against local boy Norv Fernum.  Norv is as thin as a pipe cleaner and weighs less but this is a squash match anyway.  Ethan (who is Derrick Bateman from NXT) is a member of the Carter family and looks like a mix between Fandango and Alberto Del Rio.  He fights Norv who at one point actually looks to be on a roll against Ethan, and wins which isn't much of a shocker.  My complaint though is that this kind of match should never be on a pay per view, especially one that is supposed to be the equivalent to Wrestlemania.  Squash matches are meant to put over new talent on free TV so you will draw some heat and get fans interested enough to pay for the events to see them wrestle a main roster character.  You shouldn't be debuting a new character against an unknown on a show this big.  Why didn't they at least have Ethan fight someone from the roster?  Did they not have any past Gut check winners to rope in?  Could he have not fought someone like Rockstar Spud?  It just felt off like Ryback and his early debut squashes.

The penultimate match between Sting and Magnus again was decent but it didn't pay off the way it should have.  Magnus I guess was supposed to go over as a legitimate competitor to the likes of Sting and Angle and the rest, but came across after the match as a pissant heel who immediately starts acting like a prick.  Now I assume he will turn heel and feud with Sting some more but the match lacked any sense of Magnus having that sudden spark of success needed for the match to pay off.  Again it wasn't terrible or anything but it could have come off better.

The main event however was probably the highlight of the evening.  AJ half killed himself for this match with that 450 into the announce table being particularly wince inducing.  Bully still sold like a cartoon character but it didn't detract too much from the match.  Dixie was hilarious in her role as evil manager switching from dismayed to teary eyed to concerned and back to dismayed every time the camera switched back to her.  They played off of Hebner's infamous Montreal history again which I felt was unnecessary really but whatever.  AJ won like we knew he would and ran off into the crowd with the belt just like Punk did when his contract was supposedly up a few years back.

Overall the show wasn't bad, it was watchable and had some good performances.  However the show probably made a big loss as reports suggest they only pulled in around 3000 people for a 12,000 seat arena.  The arena looked empty in parts anyway when the camera made a wide shot or looked to the outside during matches and it must have put a downer on the evening for some backstage.  With the news that TNA will be returning to orlando for impact tapings I guess they have financially hit a wall.  Bound for glory represents the end for TNA's road trip so to speak.  If they are smart they will better utilise the money saved from going on the road and invest in more talent to build the roster back up, but knowing this company anything could happen.


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