Tuesday, 17 September 2013

TNA Analysed 23 - The Downward Spiral

A shorter post compared to last week's but TNA hasn't really given me much to work with this week of any substantial amount.  They have however given me several smaller pieces of information to use so I will cobble them together for today's post.

Firstly we have the free tickets for helping charity drive TNA ran the week of No Surrender.  Now you could argue that giving some tinned or canned food for charity for a free ticket is a pretty sweet deal and I'm sure many took them up on the offer, but it also sadly reveals once again that TNA have to give away tickets to try and fill the arena's they book.  The No Surrender show was a pretty poor one to be honest, outside of the AJ Styles and Austin Aries match.

During this time we also learnt that Ken Anderson was extremely close to leaving TNA only for a last minute negotiation securing his future after No Surrender.  His match there was supposedly his send off should he not sign with them again.  I don't think Ken has long to wait for his contract to be up since the company is in such a shitty state it won't matter much.  Again this also shows the trouble TNA are having in keeping their talent.  AJ is on a short term extension rather than a full contract and this leads to my next point.

Mickie James left TNA after choosing not to re-sign for the company.  Clearly her music career made more money for her than wrestling so that's also telling.  It didn't help that TNA hardly used her for a long while so I don't blame her for leaving.  What I find dumb is the fact they actually built her as a major heel for the Knockout's only to lose her so soon after turning her heel.  She only wrestled a hand full of matches during this heel run and it seems like time wasted really.  She dropped the belt to ODB who will likely be dropped from the company soon anyway since it looks like they are phasing out the Knockouts with the roster being so small of late. *EDIT* It now seems Mickie may still be in contract negotiations but why TNA allowed her contract to end when they want her still makes little sense, but this seems like the SOP for TNA these days when it comes to hiring and firing their talent.

It wouldn't surprise me to see Velvet Sky and Gail Kim relegated to valet roles soon and TNA trying to get them to sign new contracts as non wrestling staff instead.  Maybe management have some plan to debut more female talent soon but at the moment it's looking like they have conceded defeat to WWE as Total Diva's has somehow become popular.  Shit we haven't seen Velvet wrestle for a good while now and when you think back to how much effort they put into getting her back the first time she left, it makes you wonder why they even bothered if they had no intention of using her.

The final piece of info that makes this list is the recent rumour that TNA are looking to settle down once again into a single location once more.  Going on the road has only served to bleed the company slowly both of talent and money.  The live tour probably didn't have the effect they hoped it would have and now they have to stop before it's too late.  Presumably the UK tour next year will earn them big money for a short time but afterwards they will be back to pre-taped shows from a single arena.  Frankly this is the best option for them as the company needs to grow talent before going on the road again.  What I mean by talent is that they need to bring in new blood, get them over and then attempt to go on the road again. 


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