Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Humble Bundle

The Internet is a big place and as such there are things out there that many users don't know about that others take for granted.  The humble bundle website is one of these things and I thought I would link it as it's currently running a couple of great offers.

The Humble indie bundle 9 currently has six games on offer for as little as you want to pay.  Yes you pay what you want for these games and even decide how your amount is divided amongst the website, charity and the developers.  The main point of the humble bundle is to raise money for charity, usually supporting several at once with each bundle.

The six games on offer all run on steam and consist of:

Trine 2: complete story
Brutal Legend
Mark of the Ninja
Eets Munchies
FTL: Faster than light

FTL and Fez are only available by paying over the average which trust me isn't a lot.  As of writing it's currently $4.59 which works out around £2.90 odd a real steal considering these games can cost between £7.99 and £14.99 each.  Trine 2 is a great cooperative side scrolling adventure/puzzle game.  Brutal Legend is a brilliant open world heavy metal fantasy game from the mind of Tim Schafer  Mark of the Ninja from Klei is one of the better stealth games to come out in years with some awesome animation and graphics.  Eets munchies is a beta and probably the weakest of the offering.

Those first four game can be yours for as little as you want.  Paying over the average gets FTL a highly praised sci-fi rogue like while Fez works as a great little platformer from the mind of Phil Fish whom many will know from the recent Marcus Beer twitter war.  There are other benefits to paying the average amount as you will get more games on Wednesday 18th also, which will no doubt be as high quality as the rest of the offering. 

The final bonus to this offering is the soundtracks for each game you bought, which isn't bad when you consider that a lot of gaming soundtracks are hard to find after release.

On the other side you have the Humble Weekly sale which is offering a range of old school first person shooters in the form of Serious Same, System Shock 2, Shadow Warrior, Duke Nukem and Hard Reset.  Again you can pay what you want for most of the pack, but paying the average nets you all six titles.

So yeah check out the site here


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