Monday, 30 September 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Scenario 3: Decoy

The plans for the Death Star have been stolen.  Imperial forces have launched a massive campaign to retrieve them at any cost.  In an attempt to confuse their pursuers the Rebel Alliance has sent several decoy ships throughout nearby systems each thought to have the plans.  Kyle Katarn, escorted by Garven Dreis are one of these decoy's.  Sent to the Corellian system to divert Imperial ships away from the real carrier, they never expected to encounter the deadly Boba Fett, on orders to capture any of the carriers for interrogation.


Rebel Alliance:

Kyle Katarn - Moldy Crow title, Blaster Turret, Mercenary Copilot, Deadeye
Garven Dreis - R2 Astromech, Proton Torpedoes 
Total = 59

Bounty Hunter:

Boba Fett - Slave I title card
Total = 39 - Use remaining points for upgrades to Slave I up to a maximum of 100 points.

Boba Fett starts in the centre of the map facing the Rebel ships.  Kyle and Garven can be set anywhere within Range 1 of the same board edge (determined by the rebel player), but Boba must always start facing them.


When a ship would normally be reduced to 0 hits and destroyed in this scenario it works differently.  If Garven is reduced to 0 he initiates a jump to hyperspace and flees the map effectively removing him from the game.  If Kyle is reduced to 0 the Moldy Crow is essentially adrift but not destroyed (remember Boba is out to catch the carriers not kill them to confirm the location of the plans).  If Boba is reduced to 0 he is also assumed to have fled the field.


The reason for this is to keep canon alive, so Garven will still make the battle of Yavin and Boba will be there to take Solo to Jabba later on.  Kyle is thought to be the carrier because he was the man in Dark forces who stole the plans initially, so his involvement is an extension of that plot.


There is no reinforcement for either faction in this scenario.



Slave I is too fast for the Crow to outrun, now it's time to fight.  Reducing the Slave I to zero hits will force Boba to retreat and secure victory.

Bounty Hunter:

Imperial intelligence believe that Kyle Katarn has the plans, target is to be brought in alive for questioning.  Reduce both fighters to zero hull to achieve victory.

Don't worry folks, Boba would ascertain that the plans aren't on the Crow if he is victorious and Kyle would escape anyway, it's not like he hasn't been in a scrape like this before.


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