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Star Wars X-Wing - Character and Ship Guide - Lambda Class Shuttle

Wave 3 has finally arrived and I wanted to waste no time in getting these guides up for these awesome new ships for X-Wing.  Today I am talking about the Lambda class shuttle more commonly known to casual fans of Return of the Jedi as 'Shuttle Tydirium'.  The Lambda may be a shuttle but it can pack quite a punch for such a large ship and has a focus on squad support making it even more effective in a combat situation.

Faction:Galactic Empire
Ship: Lambda-Class Shuttle
Statistics ÷
Primary Weapon Value: 3
Agility: 1
Hull: 5
Shields: 5

Heavily armed and armoured you would be forgiven for thinking the Lambda was designed for combat operations instead of transport.  Designed to withstand severe punishment in combat with powerful deflectors and thick armour the Lambda design can carry troops into combat area's with little worry of ground fire damaging the ship.  It's heavy loadout allows the ship to perform covert operations on it's own in hostile space and is the first choice for Imperial officers when travelling between planets and their ships.

All Lambda class shuttles are capable of performing the (Focus) and (Target lock) abilities.

Expansion content list:

Pilot Cards:

Captain Kagi
Colonel Jendon
Captain Yorr
Omicron Group Pilot

Equipment Cards:

Heavy Laser Cannon
Advanced Sensors
Sensor Jammer
Darth Vader
Rebel Captive
Weapons Engineer
Flight Instructor
Intelligence Agent
Anti-Pursuit Lasers (2)

Below is the list of Lambda Class Shuttle pilots in ascending order of skill along with points cost and pilot abilities.

Name: Omicron Group Pilot
Skill Value: 2
Pilot Ability: N/A
Upgrades: Sensor, Heavy weapon, Crew (2)
Squad Cost: 21

Name: Captain Yorr
Skill Value: 4
Pilot Ability: When another friendly ship at Range 1-2 would receive a stress token, if you have 2 or fewer stress tokens, you may receive that token instead.
Upgrades: Sensor, Heavy Weapon, Crew (2)
Squad Cost: 24

Name: Colonel Jendon
Skill Value: 6
Pilot Ability: At the start of the combat phase, you may assign 1 of your blue target lock tokens to a friendly ship at Range 1 if it does not have a blue target lock token.
Upgrades: Sensor, Heavy Weapon, Crew (2)
Squad Cost: 26

Name: Captain Kagi
Skill Value: 8
Pilot Ability: When an enemy ship acquires a target lock, it must lock onto your ship if able.
Upgrades: Sensor, Heavy Weapon, Crew (2)
Squad Cost: 27

Wave 3 is all about adding a new element to X-Wing squads in the form of support ships and the Lambda performs it's job admirably.  While being capable fighters in their own right with three attack die each round and a maximum of ten hits before being destroyed it would take quite a concentrated attack to down this craft quickly.  But it's not the attack you should be using these ships for, it's the abilities it brings with it.  Captain Yorr can basically soak stress tokens for your TIE's when you need those focus or evade actions the following round, Jendon can give your new TIE bomber that target lock he needs to launch missiles and Kagi can draw fire regardless of your opponents choice provided he is close enough to the other squad members.

Even the cost isn't too prohibitive with Omicron group costing 21 is great for players who want to focus more on their fighters upgrades, but still want to use the Lambda in a scenario or battle.  The Lambda though can bring some heavy firepower to the field with Heavy laser cannons and anti pursuit lasers.  It's unique function though is the sensor upgrades which can allow you to perform free actions before revealing your maneuver dial or in the case of the 'sensor jammer' card negate 1 damage each round.  It will be interesting to see how this ship works in Imperial squads which in the past have preferred their use of speed over firepower to defeat Rebel squads.

Title Card ÷

Name: ST-321
Ability: When acquiring a target lock, you may lock onto any enemy ship in the play area.
Cost: 3 

Weapon Slots ÷

Name: Heavy Laser Cannon
Damage: 4
Range: 2-3
Ability: Attack: Attack 1 ship.  Immediately after rolling your attack dice, you must change all of your critical hit results to normal hit results.
Cost: 7

Sensor ÷

Name: Advanced Sensors
Ability: Immediately before you reveal your maneuver, you may perform 1 free action.  If you use this ability, you must skip your "perform action" step during this round.
Cost: 3

Name: Sensor Jammer
Ability: When defending, you may change 1 of the attacker's hit results to a focus result.  The attacker cannot reroll the die with the changed result.
Cost: 4

Crew ÷

Name: Intelligence Agent
Ability: At the start of the Activation phase, choose 1 enemy ship at Range 1-2.  You may look at that ship's chosen maneuver.
Cost: 1

Name: Darth Vader (Imperial Only)
Ability: After you perform an attack against an enemy ship, you may suffer 2 damage to cause that ship to suffer 1 critical damage.
Cost: 3

Name: Rebel Captive (Imperial Only)
Ability: Once per round, the first ship that declares you as the target of an attack immediately receives 1 stress token.
Cost: 3

Name: Weapons Engineer
Ability: You may maintain 2 target locks (only 1 per enemy ship).  When you acquire a target lock, you may lock onto 2 different ships.
Cost: 3

Name: Navigator
Ability: When you reveal a maneuver, you may rotate your dial to another maneuver with the same bearing.  You cannot rotate to a red maneuver if you have any stress tokens.
Cost: 3

Name: Flight Instructor
Ability: When defending you may reroll 1 of your focus results.  If the attacker's pilot skill value is "2" or lower, you may reroll 1 of your blank results instead.
Cost: 3

Modifications ÷

Name: Anti-Pursuit Lasers (large ship only modification)
Ability: After an enemy ship executes a maneuver that causes it to overlap your ship, roll 1 attack die.  On a hit or critical result, the enemy suffers 1 damage.


nurglez said...

I've had a quick game with a slightly pimped out basic lambda. hlc, fire control, gunner and engine upgrade. Its soo slow to move, but takes a pounding.
The zero move was also a shock for my opponent, who ran his ps1 a wing in front of my lambda to try and block me. I also used the fire control system and gunner to destroy a shieldless x wing (fired, missed, target lock, fire, hit with 3 thanks to the target lock, boom).

I can see that a omicron group pilot with anti persuit lasers will be a pain. moving at ps 2 to block enemies. and only 23 points for a 10 health large ship.

I can see the options of using the other named pilots too. removing stress is great as are target locks, but I'm still new to the game and have so many ideas of lists to try out and experiment with :D

Thadius Cole said...

It's definitely one of the better Imperial vessels to bring along for players who prefer a smaller but more skill heavy setup for their Imperial squads. I personally look forward to using the Lambda as a scenario objective ship in the future.

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