Sunday, 8 September 2013

Rome II video update

It's not a good update sadly as anyone who has played it or looked at the forums will know, Rome II has some real trouble playing on a lot of systems at the moment.  My computer can run it but with Mirillis on my FPS of around 39 will likely drop to around 18 or 20 so it wouldn't make for a good video.

However this may change as Creative Assembly roll out more patches.  This week we saw the release of the first patch which did increase performance a little, so hopefully we will see it improve over the coming months.  When the game does run like Shogun 2 as they claimed I will definitely begin collecting footage for a video review regardless of how late it would be.  I guess it could be a review of the game post patching.

So this leaves me with a written review which again I may hold off on because the game is still improving with the updates and currently reviewing it may produce errors such as noting bugs which could be fixed a week later etc.  So I will continue to post about the current situation with the game.

Sorry to anyone who was waiting for a video review to be up soon.  I will update when I can comfortably record footage :)

Thanks for reading.


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