Sunday, 1 September 2013

My plans for total war ROME II

This tuesday will see the release of probably one of the biggest games of 2013 and what will certainly be the biggest strategy game of 2013, total war Rome II.  The Creative Assembly have put together the largest game yet with plenty of promise to further expand this game with more content for at least year after release.

Now for the first time here at Critical Rocket I will be attempting a video review using a trial copy of Mirillis Action! which will unfortunately have a large watermark at the top of the screen, but hopefully it shouldn't detract too much from the video.  As this will be my first foray into video reviewing it will obviously take a little longer to complete compared to my spare of the moment written reviews which are made when I am still playing the game.

Outside of the video review though I intend to start a full plethora of video's around Rome II focusing on the individual units of each faction, the mercenaries and the stats and special abilities of each.  These videos would be short around at around 2 or 3 minutes as they will be purely to show off the visuals and the combat animations when I catch them.

Faction overviews, DLC reviews and campaign walkthrough's are a possibility here, but all of these will be a little later when I get the licence for Mirillis to remove the watermark and probably re-upload the original review with it gone also.  As such I am really looking forward to making a video review and actually putting myself out there for a larger audience on youtube.

Many are concerned over the new guidelines posted by CA over the monetization of video's on youtube or other sites.  This won't bother me as my blog is already a source of revenue and I have little interest in being a youtube partner anyway. 

A small post today yes, but I will still be posting images and a written review of Rome II this week followed by the video review.  Plenty of screenshots and some written faction guides will likely be produced here also.  Critical Rocket might just go Critical Rome for a week or so.


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