Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fantasy Flight Games Reveals New X-Wing Expansion

After the recent reveal of the epic scale miniatures by FFG which featured the iconic Corellian Corvette Tantive IV of A new hope fame, along with the GR-75 Medium Transport from The Empire Strikes Back it seems FFG has a little more left in the tank before they hide away to make more mini's based on the galaxy far far away.

The Tantive IV set will come with a scenario and new rules for play using the standard X-Wing format.  Obviously these larger ships will not be allowed in any tournaments due to their power but FFG have stated that these ships are for use in what they call "cinematic" play.  Presumably this involves a more movie like scenario approach with more ships than normal, using the Tantive as a set piece for the battle.  We do know that the ship  will be able to use it's weapons during this scenario so it isn't all about looks.

The GR-75 Medium Transport on the other hand is incapable of fighting but can provide jamming support against target locks and missile fire thus working as a massive support ship.  Like the Corellian Corvette it will feature it's own scenario to play, but the most interesting aspect of this set is the inclusion of a uniquely painted X-Wing.

Where the Tantive IV and Transport focus on a new mode of play the newly revealed Imperial Aces box will play right into the current meta of X-Wing.  This expansion features a red TIE Interceptor of the Emperor's own royal guard, a truly elite cadre of fighters and minor force users each worth a squadron of Rebel fighters on their own.  The other model is another TIE Interceptor of the famous Saber squadron complete with red stripe.  These pilots are led by the fearsome Soontir Fel each have a confirmed 10 kills to earn their stripe.

As you can see from the image this set comes with a selection of pilots, skills and counters along with a new scenario to test out your latest purchases.  I really like the direction FFG are taking this series with the upcoming wave 4 in the near future and the upcoming Epic scale ships it seems X-Wing has a lot of life left in it yet.

The Imperial Aces set also means we have a very good chance of seeing a rebel counter-part set maybe featuring unique Rebel fighters and crews to further expand a players tactical options.  It also means we could be seeing alternate colour schemes for older ships such as being able to have grey Y-Wings, Green A-Wings and the like just for variance if nothing else.

As far as the epic mini's go, it would be nice to see if the Empire will be getting it's own large ship expansion.  Obviously ships like Imperial Star Destroyers would be an incredible stretch to add, but Lancer frigates, IPV patrol craft and at a push one of the small Star Destroyer classes would be awesome to see.


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