Saturday, 14 September 2013

Critical Rocket's weekly gaming roundup

Yeah I missed last weeks but that was mainly because I was trying to get total war Rome II to work.  After sacrificing several innocent creatures and invading Gaul still nothing happened so I resigned myself to not playing Rome II until it gets fixed, which could be quite some time judging by the pace of patch releases.

Either way this week has had it's fair share of interesting gaming news and when I say interesting I mean to me not the gaming public in general.  Probably the biggest news story that made me laugh was yesterday when users on the PSN network had a tantrum over the pre-load of GTA V.  Now this is likely to be the biggest release of the year, bigger than Call of Duty Ghosts and anything on the next gen systems so I can understand people being a little excitable about it's release.

What I don't understand is why bothered to pay more for a pre-load over PSN anyway?  To play it at midnight?  Well go to a shop that will be doing a midnight opening, there won't be a shortage of them that's for sure.  Anyway people cancelled their physical copy preorders for the digital version to take advantage of Sony's offer of a 13th September pre-load.  Sony then announced a few days later that the pre-load would be on Monday a day before launch.  Many customers apparently slithered to the forums to complain and got the date moved to Sunday instead.

Again I understand being annoyed about the date change, but why order for £50 or more digitally when a box copy will be cheaper and can be bought in store at midnight anyway.  PSN's prices are way too high and I am astounded that people pay their prices for new games just for the benefit of playing a couple of hours earlier than a regular disc customer.

Staying with Sony, this Monday gone they unveiled the latest re-design to the Vita a console which has struggled to make any significant impact on the market.  I am confused as to why Sony want to bring out a slimmer, lighter version since the current game lineup is weak and should be the top priority before any significant redesign is attempted.  I like the Vita but it does need more love from Sony and developers because as it stands there is very little to buy on the Vita to justify it's price.  I may get Killzone Mercenary in the near future but that's about it.

Sadly Uplay was announced for PS4 and Xbone this week also.  This invasive piece of software will be necessary for all online play in any Ubisoft game so get used to it.  This mainly affects PC users but console owners will still need to sign up for an account if they haven't already and suffer the same DRM setup so don't expect to lend games to your friends or even give them away without having to pay for an online pass.

A new Riddick game was announced by none other than Diesel himself.  I enjoyed escape from butcher bay from Starbreeze so it will cool to sneak, punch and stab my way through another of the Riddick universes dark environs once again, all the while guided by Vin Diesels monologues and one liners.

DICE revealed BF4's recommended specs this week also and hilariously said we would need Windows 8.  Of course previous versions of Windows are supported as far back as Vista but seriously windows 8?  Considering the game engine looks very similar to BF3 I won't expect it to tax current systems all that much anyway and also keep in mind that a lot of these specs are for the singleplayer and not multiplayer.  I guess they could pull a Rome II on us and completely screw it up but who knows.

Steam will allow family sharing across it's network in beta form at the moment.  Interesting and opportunistic as it is from Valve who have clearly moved in to block Microsoft as the first to have this function. 

That's it for this week.  Tomorrow I will find something more specific to post about, until then thanks for reading and have a nice weekend folks.


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