Friday, 20 September 2013

Critical Rocket's Gaming Roudnup (20th Sept 2013)

Well this week saw the release of a relatively low key title called GTA V.  After selling a monstrous amount of copies on both PS3 and XBOX 360, websites everywhere have been spoiling the game ever since.  I would recommend staying away from the likes of IGN, Eurogamer and Gametrailers amongst others to avoid spoilers.

It wasn't all smiles though for GTA owners as it was found that the 360 version suffered from weird pop in issues if both discs where installed and the digital download versions on PS3 had a similar texture streaming problem.  All things considered though the launch went pretty well for Rockstar and it can only get better with the launch of GTA online next month and the inevitable DLC content next year.

Rome II got it's second patch on PC this week which brought around 100 or more fixes to the game across the spectrum from performance improvement to AI tweaks and stat alterations.  It still hasn't made the game playable for everyone and some users are now crashing where they hadn't previously.  Rome II is now more a work in progress instead of finished game.  Another patch can be expected next week now with a beta possibly making it's way into the game soon.

Mechwarrior Online launched which was barely noticeable.  This wasn't a great launch to say the least, very little was done with the launch day patch and no new content was added to celebrate the release of the game.  A launch event was held in North America but zero was done for international players to celebrate it.  Next month will be a little more momentous as Project Phoenix will be released for those who bought a pack earlier in the year, with Overlord level owners getting 16 new 'mechs with bays amongst other bonuses.

Blizzard shutdown the in game auction house of Diablo III purely because it wasn't really achieving the goals it set out to achieve in the first place.  It had issues from day one and only really caused issues with the game and players.  Still it was an experiment that could pave the way for future systems.

EA and Maxis revealed the first major SimCity expansion titled "cities of the future" where everything looks pretty neon and 80's or high concept white and smooth.  Either way it will no doubt split the playerbase and it still seems to be missing the much demanded offline mode for the game.  SimCity has been in hot water since it's launch earlier in the year and it still is in the process of being fixed, a similar situation that Rome II is in now.

Battlefield 4 will be going into open beta for premium players, warfighter players and deluxe Origin owners on the 1st of October.  Everyone else can get in on the 4th.  It will at a guess feature the Siege of Shanghai map and allow players a chance to run around as the PLA for the first time.


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