Wednesday, 21 August 2013

TNA Analysed 19 - Bye bye Brooke

So long Brooke Hogan we hardly knew ye.  Well frankly who gave a toss about her anyway?  Honestly her presence in the show made very little and pardon the pun here impact during her year or so working for TNA.  I couldn't really see her shifting any merchandise or even bringing many fans over from her other work outside of wrestling.

I guess she was always destined to work for daddy in his wrestling company and yes it is basically his wrestling company.  Anyone who thinks Dixie Carter has any control in that company is blind and dumb.  I suppose you could argue that Bischoff and Hogan have experience in the industry, but then you look at what they did with WCW and you begin to wonder what direction they are taking TNA.  Recycling old WCW storylines is now a common feature of the program and at least turns it into a drinking game of sorts, but I still wonder what it was Brooke Hogan brought to the show or the company as a whole.

Brooke came from a failed music background because like all rich spoilt daughters of famous men and women they fancy themselves the next Madonna.  When that failed she went the reality television route with "Brooke knows best" a spinoff from Hogan's earlier show.  After a few other minor stints in film and television she ends up on TNA to do very little of anything other than deny a wrestler a job.

In her role as head of the knockouts division Brooke did the odd match announcement and other minor on screen role.  Obviously her best known work in TNA is the Aces and eights story where she took part in the now mandatory wrestling wedding angle with highlight being the heel turn of Teflon Tazz and brooke almost falling out of her dress.  In a earlier TNA Analysed post I mentioned the nepotism of both Hogan and Bischoff and this recently sacking of Brooke only highlights the stupidity of hiring your own relatives.  Brooke and baby Bischoff don't bring any new fans to the product and don't add to the show in any meaningful way.  Garrett has had a few matches and been a background jobber since.  Brooke has been on screen a lot more and people still don't care.

When asked about why Brooke was gone a reply from a insider source said "her contract was a luxury we could not afford".  Interesting choice of words.  I would love to see more contract transparency in both WWE and TNA as I would be interested in seeing what Sting and Jeff Hardy make compared to say AJ Styles and Kazarian for instance.  By the wording of the response we could extrapolate that Brooke was on a fair amount of money compared to the wrestlers.  This is obviously once again pointing to TNA and it's ability to completely fumble paying wages at a decent rate.  Why Brooke as a on screen personality is getting more than say Robbie E is beyond me.  I can sort of rationalise the discrepancy between wrestlers who are lower and higher parts of the card, much like Boxing or MMA, but why people like Hulk and Brooke Hogan are on more money is baffling.

What's worse is that TNA have already told Brooke that if and when they can afford her contract they will bring her back which is one monumental fuck you to any of the recently laid off talent.  Here's a little idea that may blow your mind in TNA management, OFFER HER LESS MONEY!.  Seriously do you not see that you're doing this backwards?  The wrestlers get more money while the managers, valet's and other on screen personalities should be getting less, not a pittance but not more than the people who risk their long term health every month. 

No doubt this whole "leaving the door open" policy for Brooke is because daddy wanted to make sure she can come back whenever they have the money to do so, but it also brings the financial frailty of the company back into the forefront.  Just how bad are they financially that they have to drop Brooke until a later date?  They will be firing someone else this week during the main event mafia versus Aces and eights match.  Just how many more cuts will we see in TNA just so they balance the books?

In closing I don't think TNA have lost much in the departure of Bully Ray's wife.  The Knockout's division is so small now the women could work out their matches themselves without the need of any on screen admin, while the whole fake marriage thing has run it's course.  I guess we can only wait with bated breath for the return of wrestling's most underwhelming onscreen personality.


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