Tuesday, 13 August 2013

TNA Analysed 18 - Kurt goes to rehab

Kurt Angle is one of those marmite wrestlers, either you love him or you hate him.  It's understandable for many American fans who see him as a role model of sorts being a former Olympic athlete and gold medallist, it's easy to see why he is so popular.  His original WWE run was highly entertaining and he put on some great matches over his years in the company.  It wasn't until he left WWE under dubious circumstances and joined the then relatively new NWA/TNA run by the Jarrets did Angle become something of a train wreck.

Now I didn't see the early years of TNA, but I am aware of it's more bizarre moments such as tag team superstars the Johnsons, but I did begin watching in 2010 around the time of the Hogan arrival and the beginning of the end for the company, at least from a quality point of view anyway.  During this Hogan and Bischoff power restructure Angle flip flopped from top guy in the company to mid carder on a semi regular basis, either wrestling for the title or filling in the mid spot with a pointless feud no one cared about.

But my problem with Angle started around the time of Immortal when Matt Hardy had been arrested for a DUI and subsequently shit canned so fast by TNA he didn't know what hit him.  Now I think Matt Hardy is full of shit personally, but the double standard TNA seem to have is complete bullshit.  Angle at this time had been pulled over at least twice for drunk driving and not once was he reprimanded by TNA, in fact he won the title after one of his stops by the law.  Is he fucking Dixie Carter to get away with this much bullshit?  Even when he had the belt he was stopped again by police and found to be over the limit and they still keep him around, worse still was when he left the belt unattended backstage and some fans stole it.  Did Angle get called out for this?  Of course not, they just ran the show with him carrying one of the tag team titles for some weird reason.  Obviously they got the belt back and all was good, but it still doesn't remove the fact that Angle is a walking disaster area when he is supposed to be your champion and thus face of the company.

This most recent DUI seems to have at least forced some action from top management in TNA as Angle has gone into rehab, just around the time of a major story angle with the Aces and eights and just after he threatens newly arrived Tito Ortiz.  Now he is gone and will be for several weeks, so it will be amusing to watch TNA squirm and try to figure a way out of this predicament without looking like complete idiots.  I bet they stick both Ortiz and Rampage on the Main event mafia team to make up the numbers, but not have them wrestle because you know, Bellator.

Unfortunately Angle's attitude and constant free passes only gives the wrong impression to the rest of the locker room.  Jeff Hardy got a free pass on his court issues and being high during a main event match which has become legendary in and out of the ring.  Kurt Angle can be as cut as he likes and still command respect and get away scot free.  What is there to say that Chris Sabin now can't simply no show live events because he didn't feel like it?  He should be rewarded for that surely going by previous examples.  This is the problem TNA has when it comes to drawing a crowd.  They know that Angle and Hardy bring in the fans and need them as much as they would probably like to reprimand them or even fire them.  If they did they would lose money so they simply put up with it.  The better solution would be to create your own new stars that fans could get behind and love.  Some young fresh faced wrestlers who want to do their best for the company and in turn themselves, so TNA could then tell the likes of Hardy and Angle to buck up their ideas or be out.  But instead TNA are happy to coast on all the work done by WWE to establish a fanbase and ignore their own homegrown talent.

http://t.qkme.me/3ppqn8.jpgAngle also has a rather embarrassing habit of using Twitter to rant about WWE wrestlers stealing his moves, which is hilarious when you consider the ankle lock was used by Ken Shamrock before him, but whatever I am sure TNA were happy one of their top stars was bashing WWE wrestlers over a social media program used by millions.  Angle didn't stop there with his last dumb ass tweet being about how he was going to leave TNA if he wasn't the top guy in the company.  Suffice to say management ignored him on that remark, probably because Angle has nowhere else to go even if he did leave.

No doubt when Angle comes back he will be in some big story where he wins the belt and everyone will go crazy and chant USA USA USA and all will be forgiven, until you know the next time he gets pulled over by police because he was taking up two lanes and near crashing into something on his way to the arena.


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