Monday, 5 August 2013

TNA Analysed 17 - MMA the new TNA?

So the "mysterious" August 1st videos finally ended with the "shock" reveal of MMA fighter Tito Ortiz as a possible opponent for Rampage Jackson.  Now probably many viewers of TNA and take note I said viewers and not fans will be a little confused about all the fuss made over a single video of a bald man in shadow shown at the beginning of the August 1st show.  Well TNA ran the video on their website for a couple of weeks before revealing him on the program, which is great and all if you happen to frequent the TNA website regularly, but for a majority this isn't the case so the we are shown the video, given the mystery and then had the reveal in less than 2 hours.

WWE would have run this video for weeks on RAW and Smackdown before revealing the new character to drum up interest and make it part of the show, like the last set of Chris Jericho videos which aired continually for months before he arrived.  Now those videos make no fucking sense or had any link to Y2J but they did get fans talking and that's a good thing as DDP would say.  TNA should have run this little ad campaign so to speak for at least 2 episodes of impact before revealing the new guy, if nothing else it would have given them something to run with story wise for a little while.

But now that it has been revealed as 38 year old former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz things are starting to look very similar to TNA's former reality TV approach.  Remember when they kept hiring reality stars to appear for a single episode for $30,000 with the result of bringing in exactly $0 interest from outside fans.  This was a source of much derision for the company and  this really is no different.  I didn't see the original Tito Ortiz run in TNA, but considering that was 10 years ago and TNA was even worse back then if you can imagine that it doesn't really count.

And why has Mr.Ortiz suddenly appeared in TNA?  Why Bellator of course.  Ortiz and Jackson are scheduled to fight on a Bellator pay per view in November so TNA are just doing some advertising for them for free.  This also pretty much confirms that Jackson and now Ortiz will not actually be wrestling in TNA because if either of them were to be accidentally injured then Bellator would be out of pocket.  This doesn't exactly send a great message to former employee's who were let go to save money, only for the company to then pay Ortiz probably a shit tonne of money on a short term contract.  Whoever is in charge of handling the finances in that company must be sweating bullets trying to keep things in the black.

Again this all boils down to the problem with Bellator.  Bellator have all the advantages in this arrangement getting free advertising, promoting upcoming fights, promoting fighters and getting very little in return.  Couple this with the recent roster cuts and other financial issues and this company is looking pretty haggard.  I wonder how long it will be before we get another MMA fighter joining TNA's roster to do literally nothing for the company.  I understand maybe bringing a big top name MMA guy into the show for a single night to big up your company, but hiring them knowing they can't wrestle because if they did it would mean risking a real injury is just retarded.  It doesn't help that Dixie seems to believe that Pro wrestlers and Amateur wrestlers are the same thing, when in reality they are worlds apart.  Seriously does this woman think Olympic wrestlers are running around the ring clotheslining each other?  I mean that would make for a very interesting Olympic event, but I don't think fans would appreciate it very much.

Maybe the Olympics could add professional wrestlers to the events with a worldwide talent pool of famous wrestlers competing in fake matches.  The top talent of Japan, America, Europe and South America all competing.  Yeah probably not, but it's still more entertaining an idea than Tito fucking Ortiz not wrestling on a WRESTLING PROGRAM!


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