Thursday, 29 August 2013

Mechwarrior Online brings in some reinforcements

After the third person camera fallout PGI have tried to make good with the community by adding two more formerly unseen battlemechs to their project phoenix package.  Titled "the Saber reinforcement package" it adds two new 55 ton battlemechs in the form of the Wolverine and Griffin, both of which are major fan favourites of the original tabletop era.

Both will have the same project phoenix paint scheme for the unique hero variant.  Like the other packs it also comes with the standard versions each with a mechbay so no need to worry about shelling out MC to fit these new beasts.  The only major downside of the package and the part which will bring the most criticism from players is the requirement of another $30 which works out to around £19.40.

If you think these extra 'mechs are worth the price then go for it, I certainly did, the more mediums the merrier frankly. 

Check out the package details here


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