Friday, 23 August 2013

Gaming roundup

I don't really have anything specific to write about today but that isn't to say there hasn't been any developments in the world of gaming with the likes Gamescom running and more shows to come before the launch of both the Playstation 4 and xboxONE later this year, unless you are in one of those countries Microsoft won't be launching in.

Either way here are a few things that piqued my interest through the week.

  • Firaxis finally got around to revealing the next part of the revived XCOM franchise.  It's called enemy within and doesn't really expand the game in a traditional sense with a new plotline but aims to add more content to base game to improve the already very impressive experience.  New things include more alien types to exterminate, mech suits and cybernetic implants.  Bio-organic implants, a load of new maps to fight alien invaders on and finally voice files for your squad based on their country of origin.  The details are slowly being revealed and everything is looking pretty good so far.  We can expect to see this early November.
  • Staying with XCOM, the development hell known as the Bureau was finally released this week.  It hasn't impressed with it's focus on third person cover shooting and 1960's aesthetic.  I still think it's worth a play but probably when it's a bit cheaper.  I honestly think they should have stayed the course with the first person elements and not changed it so drastically because I think they had a pretty solid looking atmospheric shooter.  If it wasn't called XCOM it probably wouldn't have annoyed so many people.
  • This probably won't be a positive view but to me Saint's row IV looks really shit.  I enjoyed the third and Saints row 2 but everything in this latest launch is pretty bland.  You still play in the same city with no new areas, super powers are in but we had them in Saints Row the thirds DLC pack and graphically it looks the same.  I know Volition had to make do with what they had when THQ started going down the crapper by turning their enter the dominatrix DLC into a full game, but this wasn't the expected result.  Adding aliens to the mix doesn't change much since you are still running around steelport where nothing has changed.  It will still probably make a truck load of money and ensure a Saints Row 5, but I will probably skip this one myself.
  • Batman Arkham Origins is looking fucking amazing.  I know it isn't by Rocksteady but developer WB interactive have by the looks of things done a pretty good job tweaking Batman's combat style, creating an interesting backstory and showing us a Gotham before the fall.  The added multiplayer probably won't be all that great but as long as they have Robin in the challenge maps I will be happy.
  • Obviously Total War Rome II will be released soon and every new post, video and interview brings with it new juicy details.  Honestly if you have even a passing interest in strategy gaming you should give Rome II a try it will be one of the best games released this year.
  • Mechwarrior Online caused probably the biggest uproar from it's fan this week by releasing a controversial third person camera view.  Supposedly designed to allow new players to get to grips with movment and positioning while gradually guiding them toward first person play, it has only been met with anger and criticism.  The problem is a matter of communication and I will go into this in more detail tomorrow.
Obviously the gaming world has seen many more announcements this week but these are the things I am most interested in.  But if you want me to write about something in particular about the gaming industry or a game or a particular controversy please let me know.

Thanks for reading.


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