Friday, 23 August 2013

Creative Assembly detail ROME II post launch DLC
The next instalment of the Total war series is due for launch September 3rd and yet we are already aware of several pieces of DLC at launch or just after.  The pre-purchase offer with all copies bought regardless of it being either a retail or digital copy will net you the Greek states culture pack.

The Greek states pack unlock the mighty Spartans, Diplomatic Athens and Staunch Epirus.  We have known about these for a while now.  We are also aware that the Pontus faction will be added on launch day as a free download to all owners regardless of pre-order status.  Today CA also revealed the Seleucid empire as another free DLC faction but they will be added at a later date post launch.

What is most interesting is the announcement of more culture packs, which now explains the naming of the Greek states pack.  These packs will be paid DLC though, but the first pack will unlock Scythia, Roxolani and Massagetae.  This pack is called the Nomadic tribes culture pack.

The Creative Assembly also plan to release more culture packs after this, each adding new playable factions, presumably three with each pack.  Outside of new factions we can expect more aesthetic updates to better differentiate the factions visually, new units for multiple factions and entirely new campaigns which will be narrative based, similar to that of the Roman prologue campaign.

This news will likely be met with the usual mix of joy and contempt depending on players stance regarding downloadable content.  I myself will happily be giving my money to CA for each pack, but I understand why some people are against the culture of paid downloadable content in today's gaming market. 

Still I don't expect to see these packs until early 2014 and until then we will have plenty of factions to slaughter each other with.  But it's nice to see the transparency from CA regarding their upcoming DLC.


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