Saturday, 3 August 2013

10 reasons why ROME II TOTAL WAR will rule

I have been a fan of the Total War series since the original Rome total war came out.  I know for many I may have missed the previous Medieval and Shogun total war games and I admit I probably missed some gaming greatness there, but in my defence I own the original Shogun and it's expansion it's just I wasn't very good at it.  Rome however was awesome because it was the first full 3D version of the series, it had loads of playable factions, huge maps a great soundtrack and plenty more.  I think Rome was the entry point for many of today's Total war fans it was just so much fun.

With the sequel now a little over a month away we can expect to start seeing more and more information about the games many facets popping up all over the web.  For me personally I really love the historical tidbits spread about the games.  Learning something about why certain structures where built or the background to certain infantry units is always worth an hour or two just reading the wiki or in game encyclopedia.  Obviously there are many changes between Rome and Rome II but let's face it, a majority will be picking a Roman faction on their first playthrough.

Here is a list of things about Rome II I am most looking forward to:
  1. Army creation.  Traditionally in Total war when you wanted to recruit an army you would have to train the units from a city and then move them from the city to your general or from multiple cities to link up.  In Rome II however you now simply begin recruitment within your territory anywhere you want and the general begins recruitment from a camp setup on the map.  Basically you create a muster field and train units there or hire mercenaries.
  2. Mercenaries are back, something that has been missing since Rome, the ability to hire mercenaries from the territory you're in is awesome because you can recruit units you normally wouldn't have access to which rules.  
  3. Joint combat operations.  Being able to now fight your sea and land battles at the same time if it's a coastal engagement is freaking a-mazing.  Fall of the Samurai allowed you to call in naval barrages but being able to now actively control your ships as you fight to support your army is so cool.
  4. Ancient Roman sea combat, this should have been number 3 but hell it's not a ranked list.  This is the first time we have been able to fight naval battles in Rome and again it's a very different beast compared to both Empire and Shogun 2.  Ramming was a popular tactic so larger ships will aim to cripple enemy vessels by simply ramming them side on.  Ships are armed with ballistae and small catapults along with archers making things a lot more hectic and close range when compared it's previous outings.  In a nutshell, sea combat will be cool.
  5. Family politics.  Although we haven't seen a hell of a lot of detail about what exactly your family members will be doing while you play, we have been told that their ambitions will sometimes help or hinder you based on what they want.  Apparently these can be things like helping a family member gain honour on the field to gain fame and power from the senate to purposefully causing trouble between you and your rival families possibly leading to conflict.  It will certainly be interesting to see how many of the playable factions will feature this system as I can't see the Gauls for instance having the same mechanics.
  6. The world map is huge, going from more recent videos we are going to be seeing more of the steppes than Rome and more Africa and the Middle East.  Now whether this means we will be seeing more playable factions from some of these expanded world areas is up for debate but it does mean we can now have more room to expand before fighting the other major factions.  It's also cool to see the towns on the campaign map actually change to reflect the buildings you ordered in that territory.
  7. Siege warfare will now have a grander scale than previous games.  Back are the city scape's of old but if the promotional images and videos are anything to go by we can expect to be fighting over much larger cities than ever and again we can bring in our ships to assist with cracking the defences, provided the city is on the coast of course.
  8. Personalised units.  We can now create our own legions and potentially other units in other factions.  We can name the legion and then personalise it with special bonuses that it earns through combat.  It will create a legacy that even when it is lost in battle, the legacy remains so when you reconstitute that legion it will have less experienced men, but it's bonuses remain.
  9. The Greek states may be DLC but they look fucking badass.  Outside of the usual Spartan awesomeness, the Athenians look cool in their blue uniforms and large Grecian shields while Epirus look like the choice for those players prefer a more mobile force.
  10. Scaled system requirements.  Many people feared it would require some kind of new super computer to run this beast, but fortunately Creative Assembly designed Rome II with the idea of giving those high end users that beautiful visual experience they deserve for their money, but also making it scalable for users with lower end systems.  Basically if you could play Shogun 2 you can play Rome II comfortably.  This is a great thing to see from a modern PC developer and should set the standard for others out there who never take into account the diverse range of PC rigs out there still.
So if you haven't preordered yet do so, or miss out on one of the best gaming experience of 2013.


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