Sunday, 28 July 2013

TNA release Jesse Sorenson

Anyone who has been following professional wrestling for the last year or two will have heard or seen the infamous match between Zema Ion and Jesse Sorenson in which during a high risk moonsault, Zema Ion landed on Jesse's head basically breaking his neck and parts of his vertebrae.  Jesse was in hospital the same night obviously and it was thought he may never walk again considering the severity of his injury.

Now nothing should be held against Zema for the move, it's wrestling and accidents happen.  This is a sport where people get hurt every night, it's just some nights it is a little more severe than normal.  What I did object to was TNA's idea to then run this accident as a new plot point and have Zema threaten to break more wrestlers necks.  The fact that he agreed to this is shameful and whoever came up with that idea backstage should have their ass kicked by Sorensons family and friends.

Obviously what made it worse was how TNA decided to immediately get a camera crew into Jesse's hospital room, with his poor mother by his side so they can record some questions and answers.  I am not sure if TNA offered to pay some of the medical expenses for the interview, but really TNA should have offered to help with medical bills in the first place, not blackmail the family into agreeing to a fucking TV spot for Impact.

Of course for months it was very touch and go as it was up in the air as to whether or not Jesse would return, but most believed he wouldn't be wrestling again.  It was good to read that he was up and walking again and TNA actually did something right by offering him a job backstage which he accepted.  I would have used him on the show as a manager against Zema Ion's current opponent to at least build off the injury story they made, but they failed to use it.

Recently though as TNA seem to be firing people left, right and centre the company decided to fire Jesse Sorenson.  I personally feel this was a stupid decision as it only makes TNA look like WWE in the way it treats it's employee's.  Much like WWE firing Kharma due to her pregnancy which was bullshit by the way, TNA drop Sorenson because he wanted to wrestle again.  As of writing he hasn't said he wanted out of his contract, so it seems TNA wanted to get rid of him because he was enthusiastic about doing what he loved.  Sorenson isn't medically cleared to wrestle yet, but that statement does seem to suggest he will eventually be able to do some light duties at the minimum.

Since being fired Sorenson has announced his upcoming appearance at a indie event and still keeps himself open to a return to TNA.  Apparently a family friend setup a donation page for him while also blasting Dixie Carter, claiming that she promised Sorenson a job for life at TNA.  Now this isn't exactly confirmed and likely never will be, but I think some people are confusing Vickie Guerrero and her job for life with WWE and this.  I don't think Jesse should be going back into wrestling before being cleared, but I doubt anyone will change his mind so he will do it regardless.

This whole affair reflects badly on TNA and more specifically Dixie Carter who is now working damage control with public statements and Q&A sessions, but the damage is done already.  Bringing back guys like Sonjay Dutt won't make things better considering that every time they bring back Dutt they simply drop him or keep him off the show anyway.  Until Hogan and his old friends leave the company will never move forward so until then expect to see many more faces leave as things only get worse.


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