Wednesday, 17 July 2013

TNA Analysed 14 - No Money In the Bank

It seems sadly amusing that while WWE are opening a new full time recruitment/training/promo/wrestling school and running a recent pay per view about grabbing a briefcase with enough cash to pay for a title shot, TNA are firing several people just to keep running.

Now yes it's true that WWE does their own equivalent of house cleaning where their talent are concerned but usually those who are released from contract are either unknown on shows like RAW and Smackdown or haven't been used for months.  TNA and it's recent round of firings are a little different in that several of the people who were let go had already started building some hype going forward into Bound For Glory.

The full list of releases are as follows -

  • Madison Rayne
  • Taeler Hendrix
  • Christian York
  • Joey Ryan
  • Crimson
  • Matt Morgan
  • Tara
  • D O C 
  • D'lo Brown
That is quite the list and a majority of it reads with some sadness and confusion here.  Madison Rayne hadn't been used in months and now that it is known she is pregnant it really casts a negative light on her firing by TNA.  This is the same horrible shit that WWE did to Kharma back in 2011 and it wasn't good then.  When you consider that the pay for the Knockouts isn't exactly great anyway the fact that Madison doesn't have that security anymore is worrying to say the least.  I just don't understand why TNA would want the negative press in a time where professional wrestling is being scrutinised more and more concerning the treatment of employees in these companies.

Taeler Hendrix apparently had a storyline coming up based on footage released by TNA a couple of weeks prior to her release.  Now she was never the most entertaining wrestler in OVW and opinions on her where mixed but she was still the first female signing from Gut Check and with her departure you have to wonder what the point of Gut Check is if they are simply going to fire a number of them without every showing them on Impact.

Christian York clearly had some skill as shown in his early matches with the likes of Jeff Hardy but his use had dropped off considerably afterwards.  To be fair to TNA he did start to botch semi regularly and he never really garnered a major response from the fans, so out of the list he is probably the one I am least surprised about.  But again he is a gut check winner, begging the question as to why they hired him in the first place.  Presumably you sign a wrestler because you see some potential or know they would work well in your roster, but TNA just hired him on a whim at face value anyway.

Joey Ryan has been the most positive about his release giving interviews about it several times now.  He does say he was sat at home collecting pay without working so he seemed to get the best deal since he wasn't wrestling in OVW at the time and he always has PWG to fall back on.  I agree with him that if they aren't going to use him then they don't need to pay him, but like York and Hendrix before him he is another gut check contestant let go.  At least they did sort of use him for a while but even that was mostly his off his own back when he used the reaction from fans to build a story.

Crimson is a real head scratcher since he returned only a few weeks back talking about how he was going to bring a new intensity and determination to Impact and become a contender for the world title.  He actually returned in February for the Hardcore Justice show and got a positive response from the fans.  Still he was fired after hyping him in a segment on Impact and debuting new ring attire.  Seems like he was a last minute cost cutting measure and although I wasn't a fan of his I could see how he would be popular with fans, which is why I am confused as to why they fired him.

Matt Morgan.  After trying to jump ship back to WWE during the TNA vs WWE lawsuit debacle Morgan was brought back simply to be punished by management by the looks of things.  He was stuck in what was essentially a one man storyline where he tried to ruin Hogan's world.  Nothing happened of note and Morgan was constantly put in matches which he would lose until his eventual firing.  Presumably he will go to WWE now as he had originally planned, while TNA are now down a 7 foot monster wrestler who could draw a fucking crowd.  Well done TNA, you couldn't let go of a minor issue and now you have lost one of the physically largest wrestlers in the business today.

Tara I am surprised about to be honest.  This news came more recently as TNA obviously forgot to carry the 2 during their calculations and had to drop more people.  Tara was apparently one of the higher paid Knockouts so her release was likely a no brainer for management, but she was also pretty popular with TNA fans.  She was also part of the Jessie Godderz angle so I guess Jessie won't be needed much longer after team "bro' mans" breaks up if they haven't already.

D.O.C. is the most confusing since his recent story build with Anderson over who got the vice president position in the aces and eights was probably the most interesting part of that entire stable to date.  Apparently it was down to contract negotiations taking too long so TNA simply decided to drop him, which is mental when you consider that they had started working on a new babyface turn for him against Anderson.  I am not saying TNA should bend over backwards for all wrestlers who want to hold out on their negotiations for better deals, but when you have already committed time and money into building this story it seems weird to just drop it.  Many who aren't reading news sites are going to be asking questions about what happened to D.O.C. because TNA will not adequately explain in kayfabe terms why he left.

Finally we have D'lo Brown who isn't a main stay of the roster but he was recently a focal point of the aces and eights story and was a major part of backstage organisation and recruitment.  He was responsible for reviewing talent and booking amongst other jobs.  He was apparently asked to take a pay cut earlier in the year and accepted that, only now to be fired anyway.  Apparently Bruce Prichard is expected to leave soon as he has been asked to take a similar cut to his pay and the word is that he is unwilling to do so.

Probably by the biggest piece of bad news is that Taz signed a new contract to remain with TNA.  So management seem to view this overweight, moronic asshole as a more important asset when compared to the list of wrestlers let go.  His commentary makes Cole and Lawler sound entertaining and competent for fucks sake.

I wonder how much money this company must be hemorrhaging these days, but they must be hurting financially with this new road trip schedule.


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