Thursday, 25 July 2013

Mechwarrior Online: A forum of hate

I am sick and tired of it.  So sick in fact that I am close to walking away from the MWO forums forever.  Never before have I seen such a crowd of entitled, childish little shits in my life.  I know the Internet is a place for any and all type of person and yes there will always be someone who pisses you off either intentionally or just for trolling purposes, but the Mechwarrior Online forums is the worst place I have had the misfortune to sign up for.

It was all nice in the beginning with everyone having interesting and mature discussions about the universe and the myriad of battlemechs.  Everything from favourite tabletop stories to tactics and builds would be discussed.  Players who were new were welcomed into the fold with understanding and a readiness to educate about the world of Mechwarrior.  But as the months went on and the beta builds got closer to being full open beta, the community turned into something much more aggressive and spiteful.

Come open beta launch the pitchforks had been handed out and the angry mob had begun to march straight for PGI HQ in Canada.  Why?  Because it wasn't the magical game that all of these self entitled kids had imagined in their tiny minds.  The complaints even today are endless and I honestly wonder why any member of PGI staff even bother to look at the forums these days.  Never have I seen a more ungrateful bunch of assholes in my life.  Fucking Westborough Baptist church members are more approachable than these pricks sometimes.  Yes I am using harsh language and for good reason, because it pisses me off at how two faced these people are.

PGI are responsible for resurrecting a franchise which was strangled to death by Microsoft with it's horrendous console outings and frankly terrible MW4 on PC.  Using a high quality engine like the Cryengine 3 the team have made the most stunning looking battlemechs ever produced.  Far surpassing those of the original books and games, these modern updates not only look good, but also keep a lot of the original designs key features intact so as not to make the 'mech unrecognisable.  The art team in PGI deserve a a huge thank you, but do they get that?  Hell no, the "community" on have to bitch about everything, from scale to minor details such as cockpit shape or antennae.  Antennae for god's sake!  At what point are you piloting a 50 ton war machine, do you start quibbling over the fucking aesthetic design?  What next, the hand railings on the side aren't the right size for a fictional pilot?  Scale is the biggest bugbear of the lot, with players suddenly becoming expert computer modellers and giving their completely un-educated opinion on what 'mech X won't be used in game because 'mech Y is smaller.  Complaints about how Centurions are too big compared to some assaults like the Stalker.  Yet after checking around in the official Technical readout containing both 'mechs along with other sources such as Sarna, neither have any scale reference for these 'mechs, so it's purely academic as to what height each 'mech should or shouldn't be.

Now don't get me wrong here, every developer has had their issues and PGI is no different.  I could understand user frustration over the infamous HUD bug and it's myriad of random issues it created for each user.  Nvidia support is somewhat lacking for some users who have trouble seeing textures on some maps or have regular crashes, even though Nvidia are the official sponsors of the game.  There are probably other minor issues that will be annoying some users, but this is no different from any other game out there that has it's teething issues. 

What annoys me the most about these idiots is the way they simplify game development when they complain.  Take missile damage for instance something that has been constantly tweaked to meet the players expectations.  Numerous people think it is as simple as opening a file in the game called "missile damage" and changing a value from say 0.7 to 1.0 and then save.  If it was that easy trust me the developers would be doing that, but when you change one thing in a game, especially a online only game like MWO, you end up altering something else which then needs tweaking.  Say you did change the damage for LRM's back to 1 per missile, but now the missiles do so much damage they are killing assault 'mechs in record time so a change to the speed is necessary or the tracking or maybe both.  And then after altering that you end up with a totally new missile system from what players were happy with originally before the damage change.

This ignorance of the design process ends up becoming the defacto way of viewing game development, until you end up with a board of keyboard warriors who you would be mistaken for believing are fucking game development geniuses because of the amount of bullshit they rattle off as if it's fact.  Weapon balancing, heat balancing, weapon boating fixes the list goes on and there is no shortage of people who claim to have the true answer like religion, and if they followed them it would be a much better game.  Except these people have no knowledge of what happens in PGI's offices, they have no information to what stage certain features are in behind closed doors, or if some of the community suggestions have been tested already.  Without knowing how can you claim to know your solution will work?  But try as you might to convince them of this, they will not listen.

The attitude gets even more annoying when you factor in that the game is free to play.  They haven't been forced to pay a penny for this game, yet they treat the developers as scum because it isn't perfect.  Well fuck you for being so ungrateful that a publisher decided to financially back a battletech game in this day and age.  Even though the game is dead for all intents and purposes we are able to play a modern 'mech combat game using this awesome setting as a backdrop.  Now are you allowed to be an ass after paying for some MC?  No you are not.  You chose to pay knowing the state of the game so acting the tit after the fact is dumb.  the founders players are the most aggressive since they seem to think they funded the game, when in fact it would have launched anyway with or without the founders.  The whole point was to show your support for a game you want to play.  It was a badge of honour to say that you were partially responsible for getting MWO off the ground quicker and not as a means to constantly bitch about the current state of the game.

I guess the majority of the founders players on the forums at least had this perfect 'mech game in their heads and when it arrived they hated it because it wasn't up to their own now high standards.  Community warfare is a particular issue for fans and I kind of agree with them here, but not to the extent that they should be hostile toward the developers.  Could we do with some hard facts about CW? of course, but it shouldn't come at the cost of becoming the biggest twats on the Internet for it.  The recent death threats from Call of duty fans toward the lead designer of treyarch software does little to help the image of gamers being violent nerds with social issues.  I wonder how far we are from seeing such acts on the MWO forums.  Some users seem to have an extremely short fuse with a great example being the Quickdraw announcement.  Many users thought the next heavy 'mech was going to be the Orion but when the Quickdraw was announced (a 'mech we had no knowledge was going to be in the game prior to the announcement) you would thought PGI had stabbed them in the balls with a Urbanmech shaped pen.  Players vowed to leave the game until the Orion was added or threatened to demand a refund of their founders status because of this utter betrayal.  Yeah betrayal, some of them claimed it was some kind of deep wound caused to them by this announcement.

These kinds of over reactions on the MWO forums are not isolated and happen often.  Nearly every patch brings a new round of fresh betrayals and cries of "game will die in six months!" posts, yet a majority continue to play strangely enough, despite these forum oracles predictions.  We are due a new patch on the 30th of July and no doubt that will bring a new round of wailing from the same set of assholes on the forums.

If anyone from PGI read this, please ignore these minority dickheads who whine and bitch and moan and complain so the game will be more to their liking.  The majority of players enjoy Mechwarrior Online and the reason we aren't on the forums so much is because we play the fucking the game.  PGI have done an amazing job bringing a new chapter of the Mechwarrior franchise to life, in a market saturated with free to play titles in a world recession, it's a testament to the popularity of Battletech so long after it was dropped as a tabletop system.  So thank you PGI, keep up the good work and don't listen to those QQing douches on the forums.


P2N said...

Hammer rolls attack, it's critical, nail is hit on head

Kraven Kor said...

Interesting that the person calling those complaining uses a constant stream of insults, while most of us complaining were using passion and logic and reason to try and make our case.

Disagree all you want, but many of the Founders do not feel we got the game that was advertised, and then they just pour gasoline on the fire but introducing the 3PV mode without the emphatically promised split queues.

PGI has done this to themselves, any way you slice it. You don't have to agree with those that have complaints, and you can certainly denounce those that are posting threats and filth, but if you truly look at what they offered last year, and what they are now making, there is a stark difference.

Thadius Cole said...

Firstly Kor don't lump me in with you. I am a founder also and do not agree with you so don't speak for everyone when you attack PGI/IGP.

Yes some users actually use more thoughtful sentences when criticising the devs, but this is a small minority amidst the huge number of morons who simply attack without first thinking. I am aware of the saveMWO group and I agree with some of the issues they raised there and it was the best way of going about speaking directly to the developers.

On 3PV I agree with you, the feature is totally unwanted by the majority of the current community and the resources spent there should have been used to improve existing features or speed up the deployment of UI 2.0 or CW.

At the end of your comment you agree with me denouncing those who make personal attacks against the developers or just drag the community down into the mud. I do know what they offered, but like a lot of games these days, especially those which are partly funded the community, things change. Hurdles pop up they couldn't have seen or issues arise because they couldn't possibly have seen it whether that be through the game's systems or players finding ways of abusing the mechanics.

The forums are a great place to voice disappointment and I wouldn't want them to be all super positive and harshly moderated, but the disappointment and anger needs to be more controlled. People enjoy this game who don't agree with the issues raised or aren't bothered by it at all, does this mean the forums have to become a warzone? We need to keep the forums intact so new players can learn the ropes, ask questions and want to play, not be scared off by a gang of pissed off entitled players who demand a free to play be exactly the way they want it to be.

In the end PGI brought back Mechwarrior a franchise that had been killed off by Microsoft. PGI have not only revived it but also allowed a whole new raft of players to experience the setting and enjoy the gameplay many of us enjoyed with the likes of MW2 through to MW4.

I did use insults here because it was a better outlet for my frustration compared to spamming the forums with a thread that would only have sparked a ridiculous flame war that would have been detrimental to everyone involved.

Oragar said...

The only thing MWO did was butcher the best part about these games; freely trying many different loadouts without having to grind for hours to do so. Double heat sinks are a necessity for running an effective setup, and it hurts my enjoyment of the game to have lost this feature.

Props for the mw2-Esque garage

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