Saturday, 6 July 2013

Critical Rocket makes a milestone

A little over a year ago I started Critical Rocket as a hobby and never expected a lot of traffic here.  Since that time though I have made of over 300 posts, regularly posting at least 4 times a week and hopefully giving people unbiased, informative reviews of computer games from PC, PS3 and Playstation Vita.  I also branched out into X-Wing from fantasy flight games where I continually update my content for players to use as reference.  Finally there is TNA and it's comedy of errors that allows me to post about the company every week without fail.

So today I have hit over 100,000 views a figure I never expected to reach anytime soon.  I would like to thank those who view the blog regularly, it's always nice to see some views on the posts :)  and it really helps me to continue coming back here to rant, discuss and review the things I enjoy the most in the world.  I always have bigger and better idea's and one day I intend on acting on these when time and money permit.  Until then I will not deviate from my course to post here, even if my posts aren't up to snuff compared to the big boys, at least I can entertain you with my postings :)

Sorry to anyone who was checking for my genre breakdown part 3, it will be posted tomorrow for certain.  Thanks again.


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