Sunday, 23 June 2013

Transformers Conflicts - Gameplay basics

Since I have been absent from the old Transformers conflicts for a little while now I decided to start work on the core concepts of the game, the basic ebb and flow of combat and what the framework of the game is.

Both players are either Decepticon or Autobot and mirror matching is allowed, but generally it will 'cons versus 'bots.  Each team has a HQ which acts as the players deployment zone for troops.  The Autobots have Iacon, while the Decepticons have Kaon.  The objective of the game is to capture the opponents HQ by defeating any defending cards and having a majority of units on the HQ by turns end.

To achieve this goal both players will be fighting over conflict zones.  Conflict zones are drawn from a separate deck and represent areas of combat across Cybertron.  Basically these cards act as resource points or rare items that add to your forces abilities.  These are to represent the resource war being fought over the now dieing world.  Your HQ produces a certain amount of energon each turn which is used to bring new units to the field and activate abilities.

Energon can be boosted by claiming victory in a conflict zone.  An example zone would be a lost energon store which could add 5 energon to the winners reserves.  These 5 extra energon cubes could allow you to field that Optimus prime you have had since games start or repair injured units you extracted from a conflict zone.  The gamble though is that each turn a new conflict card is drawn to a maximum of 3 at any one time.  The players can only capture a zone if they have more units on it at turns end, but then you have to weigh up defending your HQ over gaining precious resources.  Sometimes you may want to allow your foe to take a zone, so you can launch an attack on their HQ.

Attacking a HQ and not capturing it isn't a total loss.  Any units you have on the enemy HQ during a turn is counted as losing a single energon cube per enemy.  Some units may actually do more damage such as Grimlock or Devastator.  Units that are reduced to 0 health are pulled out of combat considered to be in stasis lock until repaired.

Repairing units costs their energon amount to deploy again and remain in a repair bay area until you decide to bring them back into the fight.  When deployed you can choose to keep them facedown in your HQ to act as guards, or when you attack a conflict zone.  You can have as many units as you can afford on the field, potentially having an entire deck of troops in late game circumstances.

Combat is something I am still figuring out, but it will be good :)  Deck sizes are also fluctuating at the moment, but will be figured out eventually.  Card hand is a maximum of 5 while any over that must discard or deployed using energon.  Some artifacts can increase your hand size or base energon amount each turn.  Some conflict zones also increase your base energon per turn.  Although these items can be destroyed or captured by an attacking force.

Outside of that I am still working things out while still finishing card templates.  I do know what the stats will look like on the card now and the special abilities will be unique to each character.

Thanks for reading.


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