Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Scenario 2: The Prize

The Hutt Cartel has enjoyed playing both the Rebel Alliance and Empire for profit and other gains but when the Alliance managed to capture a top level Hutt operative the Cartel struck back.  Successfully rescuing their operative the remaining ships of the Hutt strike force are making their way to safer territory while the Rebel fighters give chase.  Unfortunately for both the Rebel pilots and Hutt ships, the local Imperial patrol detected the ships and has now launched a squadron to eliminate the Rebel units and discover what they where after.


Rebel Alliance:

Red Squadron Pilot
Red Squadron Pilot
Green Squadron Pilot
Green Squadron Pilot
Total = 84 points - use remaining points for upgrades/weapons/skills

Hutt Cartel:

YT-1300 Outer Rim Smuggler
Firespray Bounty Hunter
Total = 60 points - if a third player joins then he may also assign remaining points to these ships as he see's fit.

Imperial Forces:

Avenger Squadron Pilot
Avenger Squadron Pilot
Avenger Squadron Pilot
Black Sqaudron Pilot
Black Squadron Pilot
Total = 88 points - use remaining points for upgrades/weapons/skills

The Hutt Cartel ships start at Range 1 from the western edge of the board.  Rebel fighters range 1 from the northern edge and Imperial fighters range 1 from the southern edge.

 Hutt Cartel:

If the Hutt Cartel is a neutral force (i.e. there is no third player) then these ships act at the end of the second players turn, moving toward the eastern board edge.  The outer rim smuggler will always move forward toward the eastern board edge and fire on the nearest enemy fighter.  The Bounty Hunter will attack the nearest target or the last fighter who attacked the YT-1300, he can move to attack as normal if nothing attacks the YT-1300 otherwise it's priority will shift to that fighter be it imperial or rebel.

If a third player runs as the Hutt Cartel then he may choose to play these ships as normal acting when their piloting skill allows and perform any maneuver he/she pleases.  If the YT-1300 is reduced to 0 hull it becomes immobile and requires emergency repair to get the ships systems back online.  Rolling 3 attack die to make these repairs will result in the following effects -

1 Hit = Shields back online, you have 1 shield to soak damage.
2 Hit = Weapons online, you may return fire as normal on your turn.
3 Hit = Engines back online, movement is restored for your turn.

(Roll can either be during the cartel players planning phase or on the YT-1300's turn as dictated by pilot skill)

Getting 3 hits with a single roll means all systems are operational again, 2 hits means shields and weapons and so on.  Getting both shields and weapons online for example would mean you only need another hit result to get engines online again.  Being reduced to 0 hull will mean another set of rolls of course.

If you only restore shields and next round take no further damage, you may add any other rolls to the ships shields upto the YT-1300's maximum rating.  Remember that your rolls are cumulative so rolling 2 hits the first time means you need to only roll another hit to get moving again.  Any bonus hits past the 3 needed can be used on shields.  

An optional rule suggested by Rrok007:
As for the Y-1300, I would suggest adding the option of bringing the shields back online, and allowing the players to choose which systems they repair per die. Thus, if a player roles only one hit, they can choose to repair either shields, weapons, or engines. If they roll two hits, then they can choose shields and weapons, or shields and engines, or weapons and engines. This gives the Cartel's player a little more flexibility and thought depending on how the game is going.


Both rebel and imperial forces can reinforce with a single fighter of their choosing when one is destroyed starting from their respective edge.

If in the future FFG release a Z-95 or other expansion then 2 of these ships could enter the fray around wave 2 or 3 from the eastern board edge to support the YT-1300.


Rebel & Imperial:

Victory is achieved when the YT-1300 is immobilised and the remaining enemy forces are destroyed.

Hutt Cartel:

Victory can be achieved by escaping the eastern board edge with the YT-1300, the Bounty hunter is merely a escort and thus is not required to win the scenario.  If the Hutt player manages to be the last man standing so to speak, victory is automatic.

Thanks to Rrok007 and Ziggy2000 for the feedback and pointing out my obvious mistakes in the scenario wording etc. :)  If this is successful I will add more here as time allows.  Thanks to everyone who has tried it out or simply had a look, if nothing else I hope this can give someone a template to work from for bigger better scenarios.


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