Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Mechwarrior Online debuts Project Phoenix

Yes Mechwarrior Online have revealed their own version of project phoenix promising 4 classic battlemechs redesigned in the MWO style and so far they look AWESOME!  From June 25th until June 29th they will be revealing a single 'mech from the set while offering a new founders pack so to speak.

The first 'mech is a beauty in the form of the 20 ton Locust.  A classic unseen from a anime called Crusher Joe.  Compared to the truly awful FASA redesign from the 90's this actually looks passable as a replacement for the original Locust.  It at least maintains enough of the original look without sacrificing it entirely.

The other 'mechs announced and teased in silhouette form are the Shadow Hawk, Thunderbolt and Battlemaster.  Obviously filling those remaining weight classes of medium, heavy and assault as they go.  For $80 or around £51 you can preorder these 'mechs for release on October 15th, but the pack contains so much more:

  • 30% C-bill boost for each 'mech
  • 10% Loyalty Boost for each 'mech (more on loyalty in a second)
  • Limited edition camo spec (pattern & colour)
  • Limited edition geometry
  • Each 'mech delivered with a new mechbay
Not only that but you get all variants of the 'mechs also making the grand total come to 12 'mechs each with their own mechbay so you don't need to spend a load of MC to make space.  Ordering before July 25th also nets you 120 days of premium time along with a new forum badge and title.  The final piece of cake are the 4 faction medals you can choose to gain a further loyalty boost.

Now loyalty points are connected to Community warfare and apparently represent your current allegiance to a particular faction.  Gaining points means you have access to faction specific items and other bonuses, although as usual PGI are being tight lipped as to what they are, but either way it means you will have a small boost when using these 'mechs.

Are these pay to win?  Not really, as was shown with the Heavy Metal Highlander it gave no specific advantage other than making some envious that they couldn't have the 'mech yet.  These 'mechs will be cool and everything but no more capable than any of the current lineup, just a little different overall.

The $80 offer isn't the only one as PGI offer more lower cost variants with the cheapest being $20 granting you a Locust and it's 2 variants, but you will have to wait for the other 'mechs to be released over the following months.  The Battlemaster won't arrive until January next year so this deal offers you the best deal for getting these things faster.  Is it a cash grab?  Probably but since it offers some awesome 'mechs and plenty of other goodies it isn't a terrible cash grab compared to some out there like Marvel heroes for instance.

That link is for the page detailing the offer, check it out to see the nice artwork and other information.  See you on the field Mechwarriors.


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