Sunday, 9 June 2013

MechTalk - Trebuchet

Designed by Corean enterprises as a main line medium 'mech the Trebuchet or Trenchbucket is a fine blend of both long and short range firepower.  Designed primarily to support lances that lack the long range punch of LRM's, the Trebuchet usually finds itself working within heavy lances to support their thrust.  It can help when the fighting gets closer by utilising it's shorter range energy weapons but is chronically short on LRM ammo and as such requires regular resupply to maintain it's effectiveness.

Mechwarrior online introduced the Trebuchet as a fast LRM support 'mech with plenty of weapon flexibility.  The variants of the Trebuchet allow players to run with energy, ballistic and missile weapons while maintaining decent speed and a relatively small profile on the battlefield.  It's jumpjet variants can keep an enemy guessing to it's next move while also slowing up larger foes for support to move in.

It isn't the most resilient medium 'mech in the game though, weighing in at 50 tons it doesn't carry much armour and also suffers from a relatively small ammunition supply unless you sacrifice something for a few extra tons.  It's strength lies in it's ability to quickly move between firezones and support allies with it's mix of weaponry whether that be LRM, SRM, SSRM, Lasers or ballistics, the options available to you mean you can field a very different beast each map.


The Trebuchet is relatively mobile while also working excellently as a fire support 'mech in both long and short ranges.  The jumpjets available on the J and N variants means it can act as a limited scout if the team lacks any light 'mechs.  The Trebuchet variants are quite flexible with all weapon types available across the board so it shouldn't be tough finding a version that suits your style of play.

The placement of the weapons across the chassis's also allow the Trebuchet to remain active after taking serious damage to a single torso or arm meaning it can remain at least partially effective on the field.  At a distance the Trebuchet can be hard to identify and when turned it's thin profile can make it a difficult target for snipers.


Trebuchet's are very ammo intensive when using LRM's and this means the chance of dangerous ammo explosions are increased.  XL engines are obviously beneficial, but the easy to hit side torso's can mean a quick death for the 'mech if it gets caught in a close range battle.

Trebuchet's also lack the real punch required to make it an effective 1 on 1 brawler, and engaging anything above it's weight class usually means defeat for the 'mech.  It's use as a support battlemech means it suffers when forced to engage targets on it's own.


 Run with the pack, always support larger 'mechs that lack the Trebuchet's LRM capability and never stay still unless the target it focused on someone else.  Mobility is key and being able to quickly reposition to make use of your missiles is probably the Trebuchet's best asset.  If running with a SRM build you should engage targets in a guerrilla fashion, taking shots when a target is distracted and quickly melting back into cover.

Jumpjets don't allow for the most effective sniping anymore, but they do allow access to new firing positions so make good use of these when you can.  Always remember that you are working to support allies not draw enemy attention, to that end be the hero, move in to make the save during a fight and move to the next target.  Don't be the first to fire, but make sure you're the first to kill an opponent.

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