Sunday, 26 May 2013

Xbox ONE

So we finally know the name of Microsoft's next big console and we also know what it looks like unlike the PlayStation 4.  Not like the appearance of the item should actually influence your purchase choice anyway, as long as it allows me to play game discs it could be shaped like a dog turd and people would buy it.

I can't help but wonder why Microsoft are going so hard for the whole media interconnectedness of the console.  Hell it's not really a console in the traditional sense anymore with it's set top box functions, DVR and voice control, the thing is fast becoming some weird cable box hybrid.  That isn't a bad thing, but it certainly points toward a very different direction for Microsofts new device.  The in-built Kinect will likely spawn another deluge of mediocre titles with little redeeming qualities, but at least you don't have to buy it separately anymore.

Obviously the PS4 could have very similar functions as all the details are as yet unknown so it would be a little hasty to criticise the new Xbox when it's main competition could very well be doing the same thing.  I do agree with some that Microsoft seemed far more interested in pushing it's media features instead of the games for the reveal.  A majority of customers will be gamers so it was odd to focus so much on the non gaming features of the console, outside of it's new used games policy which will require a small fee to activate for new customers.

The infamous always online fears still hover around with the console requiring a single connection to the Internet every 24 hours to verify your account and current content.  I don't agree with this system anyway since it will hardly deter pirates who will likely find a way to bypass this check within 6 months of launch.  I guess Xbox fans can at least feel a little more comfortable knowing it won't need to always be online like earlier reports stated, but you can't help but feel that this may have been Microsoft's initial plan before the backlash from critics and fans alike.

Like the PS4 the game demo's really didn't impress me, mainly because they where all simply pretty CG demo movies with zero interactivity.  A pretty film with no actual gameplay does little to convince players of the consoles power and both Microsoft and Sony failed to deliver a genuine game experience on their respective reveals.  It's nice to know that certain titles are on the way of course, but please show some actual gameplay instead of a demo that only reminds you of Colonial Marines recent debacle.

Hardware wise this isn't competing with modern PC rigs which outstrip it by a long margin, but at least a new hardware generation means PC games that port over will be better now.  I have been running 8gig of RAM for years now so this so called achievement for the system is hardly groundbreaking but it will get the fanboys from both camps bickering over who has the better console anyway.  In fact looking at it both seem to have relatively similar systems anyway from a hardware perspective.

Overall the new Xbox will be another hit no doubt and keep the current console competition fresh.  remember folks we need this kind of competitiveness in the market to get best out of them for us, the consumer.  I will probably be buying a PS4 since I have had all of Sony's consoles and thus I am unlikely to change unless the PS4 gave you electric shocks every time you failed on a game.  But the Xbox ONE will be a good console and it will be interesting to see what comes out of it later this year.

Thanks for reading and continue enjoying your bank holiday.  Tomorrow will be my final part of TNA Analysed - The story so far, it's gonna be a good one.


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