Friday, 3 May 2013

We need a good Marvel game

Here we are right in the middle of Marvel comics golden age of film production and yet we are bereft of a really good marvel game.  Plenty of titles have come out based on the universe, but they all fall into the casual gaming sector.  Marvel Avengers alliance is a facebook title that although fun is incredibly hard to play without paying real money to stay competitive.  The Avengers initiative on Ipad and Android is a nice couple of titles but still only on a relatively niche platform.  Marvel Heroes is the only title that looks half decent as a free to play diablo style RPG.

But where is the Marvel title that could really kick some ass on consoles?  How about a third person action game for up to four players locally and online that features as many characters as feasibly possible at launch with more as DLC post launch.  The game could just be badass with enemies being knocked through walls and other destrutible environments, super powers galore, interesting boss battles that could include awesome set pieces and finally co-op attacks with certain character combinations.

Listing every character they could have here would be exhaustive but expect the usual suspects with a nice chunk of the lesser seen or known characters like Moon Knight and Captain Britain.  Seriously why hasn't Disney given the greenlight to a studio like Platinum games, Cyber connect 2 or even Vicarious Visions.  A studio with an eye for flashy combat and cool aesthetics like CC2 or Platinum could make some brilliant set pieces for players, while Vicarious Visions have plenty of prior experience working on the Marvel setting.

Maybe we will see something later this year or next when the new consoles launch and Sony and Microsoft will want to show off the new tech with a big licence game.  Hell I wouldn't mind if the game played a lot like Anarchy reigns with Marvel characters and a kick ass soundtrack.  Have I missed an upcoming marvel game?  Pleas let me know in the comments below.


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