Sunday, 19 May 2013

War Thunder versus

Now before you point out that the developer of War thunder is Gaijin let me say that I chose War thunder because it better suits for this post.  I recently found War thunder after a post over on eurogamer highlighted it's recent open beta status so I checked it out.

Now obviously Gaijin is hoping to take away some of Wargamings customers here with a better fighter combat game than it's competitor world of warplanes.  Warplanes is also a work in progress still running in the beta cycle and from my experience it wasn't very playable without a joystick and some experience with the flight sim genre.  But War thunder on the other hand caters to all crowds with a tiered difficulty level, simple mouse and keyboard controls and a plethora of aircraft to choose from.  This seems like a massive content leap from it's competitor and there is a good reason for this.

Gaijin have simply taken the most recent IL-2 game and ported it to the MMO world.  It was originally on PS3 under the name Birds of prey and was a largely singleplayer affair with some multiplayer functions.  They ported it to PC under the name wings of prey and then subsequently reworked it again to add the MMO functionality such as research trees, unlockable planes and real money transactions.  The original game was a very slick flight sim with some gorgeous detail and rewarding combat mechanics and it translates well to the MMO arena.  With this exisitng game Gaijin have a massive advantage over wargaming who are building a warplane game from their world of tanks engine.

But I think Gaijin will suffer when they release the ground forces element of War thunder.  The final scope of this game will be 3 forces all fighting on the same maps, so the planes in the sky are players, tanks are players and ships are players.  It's a nice vision but I feel it will fall flat.  Gaijin have to build the ground combat from scratch and have spend far more time working on creating and modelling the tanks for this part of the game.  Wargaming already have a pretty awesome tank combat game and so I don't think they have much to worry about there.

The deciding factor will be the warships.  World of Battleships/fleet Thunder will be interesting to see play out.  I personally have more invested in playing world of battleships more than world of warplanes so I may be a little biased here.  Still the competition is a good thing, hopefully war thunder will become a big hit worldwide and really push companies to produce the best games they can.  In the end this kind of competition will benefit the consumer who will probably play both games anyway and drop money on each if they are good enough.

I would urge players of world of warplanes to check out War thunder as it is a very fun little game that doesn't take long to get up and running with.  You can play as the British, German, Russian, Japanese, American, Italian and Hungarian air forces, although Italy and Hungary are included within Germany's tech tree for some reason.  All the singleplayer missions are available from the get go which reward in game currency and exp and a dynamic campaign which can be played with 3 other players cooperatively.  All of this is FREE people so go now and fly for your country.


PISS PISS said...

lol really? war thunder already has tank gameplay, just search it on youtube. There are a number of videos, and the balance between air and ground is shown.

Thadius Cole said...

Consider I wrote this months back before any footage was shown and the tanks still aren't in game yet. So yeah I wasn't wrong. But thanks for the hit here :)

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