Thursday, 16 May 2013

TNA Analysed part 5 - Hemmegate/crotch-gate

Today was going to be my second part of "the story so far" but that had to go on hold when I read about the recent drama involving Christy Hemme and Austin Aries crotch area. 

Yes last week Hemme incorrectly introduced both Bobby Roo and Austin Aries as their opponents instead which understandably frustrated the team.  This resulted in Aries getting into the ring and acting like a true heel got in her face to demand she announce the team correctly.  Aries then herded her into the corner and then stood on the middle turnbuckle to pose for the fans, indirectly putting his crotch near her face.

Now a couple of things first.  Hemme laughed when he did this, watch the footage.  Secondly Aries was doing what a typical heel would do, which is be a douche to the announcer and everyone else who annoys him.  I don't condone his actions though and she probably did feel a little threatened by him at the time but does this mean he sexually harassed her?  After the event Hemme posted on twitter that she was upset with what he did, which resulted in Aries posting a reply

“Pretty nuts, some of the junk people get the balls to say over the net, knowing they couldn’t to your face…Eh, anyway, time to sack out.”
The sexual harassment claims came later after Hemme complained via twitter, which where spearheaded by everyone's favourite 'caught in the headlights' owner Dixie Carter who got on her high horse to promise justice for Hemme and punishment for Aries.  Honestly Dixie you need to double check your company because the image you project for your female performers isn't exactly wholesome.  Velvet Sky's entrance which involves her pointing at her crotch while she grinds the middle rope, ODB constantly smacking her tits, Taryn Terrels "referee uniform" and subsequent wrestling attire and more.  TNA is littered with incidents where the female roster is either sexually objectified or the implication they get what they want through sex becomes the norm.  Don't believe me here's a couple of examples.

When Eric Bischoff was revealed as a member of Immortal (I know shocking right!?) he debuted his new sexretary, Miss Tessmacher.  Tessmacher's character was simply there to be Bischoffs sex toy while he worked with Hogan to control the company.  She couldn't wrestle at the time so they had to create a story where she took lessons from Lacey Von Erich of all people.

Second example, and this one is more recent, Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner.  Madison had to run a gimmick where she was infatuated with Earl because he was a apparently a stud and all the Knockouts wanted him.  Earl who looks like he would have a fucking heart attack if he tried it with any of the knockouts doesn't exactly look like a stud now does he?  But Madison had to run with this lame plot, which I am guessing was meant to be funny but only succeeded on making TNA look seedy.  Madison was basically winning matches because she was sucking Hebner's dick in kayfabe for fucks sake.  Hell Hebner even tweeted he was getting blowjobs from Madison until he was told to delete them a few days later.

Dixie with these two examples you want to claim sexual harassment?  Aries was just pissed that his entrance was screwed up and wanted to vent his frustration.  Yes he did it in a inappropriate manner but did it call for all this grandstanding?  The end result of all this is Aries has officially apologised and been subsequently fined for his actions, something they could have done without all the drama from Dixie in the first place.

Bear in mind here people that this is the same company that Al Snow said will only hire female wrestlers based on their looks alone.  No consideration for talent, charisma or the ability to be a draw just whether they look good in a tight fitting outfit.  WWE is no different of course with it's diva division which may as well be rebranded as the WWE model agency.  Long gone are the days when women like the fabulous Moolah could get a job as a pro-wrestler in the big companies and the sport is hurting because of this perception that only good looking women can be wrestlers these days, at least where WWE and TNA are concerned.

Al's snows moronic comments can be heard in this video around the 8:45 mark  Many fans demanded that Aries be fired for his actions which seems a little OTT when you consider some of the shit people get away with in this industry.  Also could TNA really afford to let Aries go?  He is one of the best guys they have who seems loyal to the company and puts on great matches night after night.  Dumping him would be dumb let alone disastrous for a company that has trouble keeping talent as it is.  The last thing TNA need is for Aries to go, be snapped up by WWE on the short term and bring all of his fans over to them instead.  TNA need every fan they can get when the empty seats at shows on the road highlight the chronic lack of Impact (pardon the pun) the show has in North America. 

Next week provided no more drama occurs within TNA's ranks I will revisit my story so far part 2, until then thanks for reading and have a good week.


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