Friday, 31 May 2013

Summer update

Going forward I know there has been something of a drop in new games to review, and when I say new games I mean just released titles.  Obviously my cash flow isn't great and thus new games are few and far between.  I am tinkering with making reviews of older games I have simply because I must have over 100 PS3 games alone.

X-Wing is still a going concern and I plan on making some new posts related to X-Wing scenario's using the current lineup of ships.  Wave 3 will also see the guides related to these awesome new ships.

Transformers Conflicts is on hold for the moment as my duties in a Mechwarrior Online guild have ramped up and I am  making a wiki page for the entire game from scratch, so new MWO posts here will also be used for the wiki on the guild page.

I will be posting my thoughts and opinions on a new wargame I bought at the UK games expo recently, called Conflict of heroes awakening the bear 2nd edition.  It looks pretty damn cool and hopefully I will be able to get my hands on the expansions as time goes by as it looks like it will cover a majority of the war and it's myriad of nations and equipment.

Reviews going into June though will consist of Company of heroes 2, Rising Storm and in July Dynasty Warriors 8.  The only other confirmed games will be Dead or alive 5 ultimate edition and Batman Arkham Origins.  Outside of this any other review will be of games out this year that I couldn't previously afford.  Payday the heist 2 may also make the cut depending on what happens with my girlfriend and brother who both played Payday with me.

TNA Analysed will continue as I feel that the series is a lot better than my previous weekly reviews of each episode of Impact, so I will be posting a new Analysed each week as TNA inevitably create more facepalm moments with every passing month.

I am also hopeful that I can get the guts together to talk about a couple of games on a soon to be launched Critical Rocket youtube channel.  This will feature anything I can get footage from so off the top of my head there is Planetside 2, War thunder and maybe just maybe Mechwarrior Online.  I will probably only be able to post video's every now and then because I don't have a private room to record sound so it will be on those days when I can talk at the monitor more than usual :)

Oh almost forgot, another definite review will be ROME II Total War, cannot believe I forgot that one.  Definite purchase and cannot wait to play as Sparta or Iceni in the campaign.


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