Sunday, 5 May 2013

Star Wars X-Wing Wave 3 revealed!

Yes X-Wing fans the speculation has finally ended and we are at last put out of our misery as the next four ships have been revealed for Fantasy Flights awesome miniatures wargame.

Now two of the ships are fairly obvious with fans, that being the B-Wing heavy fighter and the blink and you'll miss it TIE Bomber glimpsed in Empire.  But it's the other two ships that are the real interesting parts of wave 3.  First we have the only other movie vessel the Lambda class shuttle.  I personally didn't think it would fit into a dogfighting wargame but after seeing it and the stats in game it is looking pretty cool.  It fits on a large base like the Falcon and Slave I but I am not sure about how big it will be compared to these large mini's.  The other and probably coolest addition is the Moldy Crow or HWK-290 piloted by Kyle Katarn.  Why is this so interesting?  Because this marks the first time a ship from the expanded universe has been added to X-Wing.

This means we could be seeing plenty of other EU ships coming with later additions and I hope they do delve deeper as the Star Wars universe has no lack of cool ships to use.  Even if they stick to ships only seen in computer games that would give a plethora of new options.  We have also been told about a new play mechanic unique to the B-Wing and Lambda shuttle in the form of 'Jamming'.  Apparently jamming will allow defending players to alter a single hit roll, turning it into a focus result which cannot be altered.  I don't know why they don't just alter this to a miss, but maybe this will feed into other new mechanics yet to be revealed.

We also know that the TIE Bomber can carry a shed load of weapons, from missles, bombs, torpedoes along with it's default laser cannons.  TIE Bombers can carry all of these at once, making them deadly within ranged 1-2.  B-Wings can mount the new advanced torpedoe but details of this weapon are scarce at the time of writing.  The HWK 290 can mount a turret weapon to allow attacks from all directions but it balances out with a relatively low damage output of only 1.  The HWK is designed for support much like the Lambda, so it brings a whole new dynamic to the gameplay.

Check back here for any new details as they develop and thanks for reading.


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