Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Mechtalk - Commando

The Commando is a 25 ton light scout 'mech developed by the former protectorate of Donegal as a alternative to the more popular and numerous Wasp and Stinger light scout 'mechs.  Although it lacks any jump capabilities it makes up for it by having a hefty punch for such a small 'mech.  Used almost exclusively by the Lyran Commonwealth during the Star League era, the 'mech eventually became more common across the successor states and now has pride of place as one of the most reliable and versatile light 'mechs in the Inner Sphere.

In Mechwarrior Online the Commando serves as a great intermediate light 'mech to use after gaining some experience with the Jenner.  Currently the smallest 'mech in the game until the Flea is added the Commando is the weakest 'mech and like any light needs careful management to remain in the fight.  Still like any light in Mechwarrior Online it has enough speed to allow it to quickly rush out for a nasty striking attack using it's missile weapons or to harass larger 'mechs that are damaged and trying to retreat.

One of the best features of the Commando is found in the 2D variant which can mount ECM.  A must for this variant it is arguably the best and only variant that should be used on a regualr basis.  Capable of mounting 3 missile weapons and a single energy weapon it can be deadly up close.  This isn't to say that the Commando's alternative variants aren't effective and several builds based around these variants can be highly versatile.


The Commando is fast and agile, capable of dodging weapons fire while using terrain for cover, but also able to quickly dart in for a sneak attack.  It's use of missiles specifically SRM's allow it to do very good damage for such a small 'mech.  Streak SRM's can be the most effective as these weapons are light and allow for more ammunition and armour to be added.  The aforementioned ECM also allows the Commando to remain effective as a missile shield and countermeasure to the larger Atlas DDC when it uses it's ECM, but must try to avoid any direct confrontation with such a large 'mech unless it is heavily damaged.

The multiple missile tubes are spaced evenly around the 'mech so that any loss of a single SRM will mean it can continue to fire with it's remaining missile systems, keeping it effective on the field.


Being so light it cannot take a lot of damage before going critical and it's speed (although good) isn't enough to outrun other lights, in fact it will be easily chased down by it's heavier light cousins.  The missile capable variants can be very ammo intensive and so running out means you will pretty much become combat ineffective and best used to cap the enemy base or conquest points.  Also ammunition explosions can be especially fatal for the tiny Commando.


The 2D is probably the most popular and effective Commando in Mechwarrior Online.  It's ECM can keep a team hidden from scanners and blocks missile locks, while also making it an effective scout.  Mobility is key for the Commando as staying still can mean death, especially when you may be facing other light 'mechs who can chase you down so staying close to friendly units is advisable when encountering other fast movers.

When facing larger 'mechs, look for angles of attack that allow you to strike and move back into cover quickly. Use the enemies lack of agility to your advantage and keep attacking weak spots to assist your allies in a fight.  The Commando thrives in a furball environment because of it's small stature and speed it can remain undetected during large brawls and thus be capable of delivering the death blow to unsuspecting pilots. 


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