Saturday, 27 April 2013

Transformers CCG Update 30

The gaps are long granted but I am determined to not let this project wither on the vine.  Today I have another 5 characters and yes they aren't particularly well known, only one of them is on the Transformers legends card game so that should tell you enough there alone.

Anyway it's a mix of Autobots and Decepticons today so let's begin.  Sledge up first and he is a combiner although I am looking to abandoning this system but it's a while off yet anyway.  Sledge is a big character able to take a lot of punishment before being downed.  He will be useful for holding the line in a conflict zone, but don't expect him to take the fight to the Autobots alone.

Slugfest is the only recognisable character and is a support character only.  He works in tandem with Soundwave or if I decide a recoloured Soundblaster if I get round to it.  Cassette characters will be useful for supplementing their master with extra attacks or moving alone to support allies elsewhere.  Slugfest will be able to provide bonuses to several characters at once.

Lastly for the 'cons we have Slugslinger, another flyer for Starscreams air corps.  Like all flyers they will be able to move quickly to other conflict zones and make strafing and bombing attacks against Autobots but be unable to capture conflict zones.  Slugslinger will make good use of his plasma cannons and other armaments but can run out of ammo after so many uses forcing him to automatically retreat.

Slide pictured first below is another support character using his chemical weapons to debuff targets causing their damage to reduce and possibly lose defence due to being unsure of their footing.  Slide will also receive a bonus to defence due to his use of the same substance to 'slide' out of danger.

Slow Poke is a little less specific in his function, but like Sledge he can take a mass of punishment before being downed.  His monster truck form can practically crush foes if they aren't careful and in truck form he can rescue downed allies by dragging them back to HQ.


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