Saturday, 6 April 2013

Transformers CCG Update 29

Back again with another 5, yes count them 5 new Transformers Conflicts character templates.  Got a familiar face in today's update who enjoys hitting his opponent from unexpected directions along with a couple of more tactically flexible characters.

First up is Skyhammer a triple changer Autobot capable of both land and air combat so his abilities on the battlefield will allow him to quickly move between conflict zones as needed to support friendly forces.  Secondly we have Slamdance for the autobots.  He is the unified version of Raindance and grand slam who are normally in a vehicle mode only.  His stats and abilities will accordingly change whenever the two fuse.

On the decepticon side we have a trio of airborne warriors, the most famous of which is Skywarp.  Obviously he will be able to teleport around conflict zones for strafing attacks when in jet form, while his robot mode is no slouch either when he is forced to fight on the ground that is.

Skyhopper and skystalker both have alternate mode, but also utilise mobile attack bases that transform into vehicles they themselves can use.  Skyhopper can transform into his jet mode and allow his base to attach to a conflict zone to act as a boost for his fellow decepticons.  Skystalker can attach his base to a conflict zone to provide defensive support along with healing.  He can also move about the field via his car mode also.


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